1. I think that's a very good and enjoyable (and most importantly balanced) way to add Harvest. You shouldn't be able to keep crafts though.
    I think the whole trading crafts thing made it wayyy too easy to craft. Make it almost a SSF experience, where you need to find crafts and pray to RNG that you find the right one to add to your item. And over several 10s or 100s of maps, you slowly craft towards that mirror-tier item. It would take way longer that way.
    You could still sell crafts though. If you find a very rare craft, that you don't need and know sells well (like 6-link craft), you could stay in the map and let someone join. It's limited by time and portals though, so there wouldn't be an influx of crafts, but rather you'd be able to sell them, if you really wanted to and otherwise use them yourself.

    Also the garden was horrible. Nobody wanted to get into it. A handful did their best setups and everyone just copied those. At that point, just remove it. Oshabi should ask you to help harvest the things she plants. Also some loot from her maybe?
    And maybe you could rework this "harvest cycle" that previously told us when seeds are ready into a timer that tells us when those T4 seeds / bosses are available. Almost a little Alva-like, where you complete maybe 5, 7 or 10 harvests for Oshabi and then she has a big one for you. That would be nice.

    That would be a rather restricted, but still deterministic way of crafting your items. Not too op, since you're most likely gonna need a lot of playtime to finish one item. Whereas in Harvest you could go from base to mirror-tier in a few hours or less.

  2. My thoughts :
    RNG is good if you have a lot of currency to put on one item that you can reliably farm.
    Problem :
    RNG is PoE does not let you farm exalts without trading and the loot rate of exalts is non existent.

    Either they bump up the loot rate of exalts in the game (and some other currencies) or they add 100% deterministic crafting and the material farming needed to achieve this…

    As of now, i prefer farming mats in Grim Dawn to get my gear instead of playing Heist despite loving the concept of the league (They went too much on the hard side with that one…)

  3. Yeah I don't feel like Delve is rewarding enough to need sulphite to progress. Darkness farming is the only problem with it and that is because its an exploit that GGG keeps making harder to do every league anyway.
    Just remove Niko as Master and add the Harvest lady. Done.

  4. I talked with my bro about this topic and explained that everything is fine with harvest combat wise but GGG needs bring a currency cost to the crafting part of the harvest league, it can only be done a limited amount of times on each item and has slightly more targeted options than before (adding a cold modifier shouldn't be a loaded dice system to get some fucking cold res on a ring above tire 3 on a item level of 84…never got it after trying like 20-30 times).
    Alongside that I would like to see a completely new HUD for the harvest area so I can quickly navigate a large area, plant/ move things accordingly and much more easily. Including being able to copy setups with just a few clicks while not having to ever worry about clicking on anything by accident.

    I only die when a good joke is told or when I forget to max my resistance.

  5. Maybe it's been said already but the one of the low-key best parts of harvest was there was no hard currency investment maybe if it had a cost of the currency/ currencies the craft would take would balance it so an remove ad would cost an exalt and annnulment

  6. I fucking love harvest. Find an item with a cool mod but rest of the mods are trash? (eg: explode, t1 str on a synth % str belt, tailwind, Woke items, etc.) In the current game, you're stuck with what it comes with unless you want to risk bricking your cool ass find with an annul.

    In harvest, you had the option to turn nearly any drop into an amazing item for your build.

  7. I really loved harvest league and was sad to see it not being brought forward with heist
    Harvest crafting felt great, especially at lower levels where it let you engage with gear as you played through the game without just hoping for some decent rng drop while leveling.
    I'm also one of the people who did quite like the garden but I think everyone can admit it definitely needs a bit of tweeking and refinement, I would prefer it to stay unlike some.

  8. Skipping the whole garden building would be great. Adjust what tags the prefixes and suffixes have so that the pools of rolls are broader. I mean if there are 4 physical rolls possible and we can put 6 mods on it than we can guarantee we get the mod we want on there. If there are 12 physical rolls possible, then it is impossible to force a phys roll on there. Some simple changes of pool size would do wonders for more deterministic crafting without allowing it to be crazy op

  9. I think the biggest issue with harvest is that it destroys trade league. “Good items” become lackluster and worthless because why buy something when you can easily craft mirror tier items. It also creates a situation in which there is no longer a “chase” to go after. It really is just spend some time so you can easily craft god items.

  10. I didn't like Harvest league at all, I sucked at gardening layout, seeding and keeping track of what crafts I saved. However, I am glad that it also forced me to learn how to use poedb.

  11. I really like the idea of "non-map oriented" PoE. To be able to do league mechanics like delve without grinding your ass off for sulphite first sounds fun. You could focus more on content which you like the most or want the specific loots from. It could be possible, just balance the loot drops if its the problem.

  12. For a ssh its not a reason, but i really hated harvest because what it did to the economy of the game, it created money. All currency in game is usable items and it balances perfectly.
    But in harvest people didn't need to use currency and just seed everything making the currency just money

  13. Having a source of more deterministic crafting is great for the game /within limits/. This was the fundamental issue with harvest: it made vanilla crafting objectively bad. When you want to make sure GG mirror tier items that should involve more old school crafting; not just sinking more time into a bad farming mini-game.

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