1. I just started with 2500 mg =1 oz liquid bottle pure CBD ( No THC) tincture. The next month I up the dose to 5000 mg-1oz but double the cost. I have seen a drastic improvement certainly as an anti-depressant and less of an anti-anxiety and even less as a pain reliever for pain. I started using it due to high sugar levels and impaired vision in the left eye. So far, I am very impressed with the results, especially in my left eye regaining vision lost due to high blood pressure.
    It will defiantly lower your blood pressure levels. By watching your carbs and fat intake, this diet could not only be good for weight loss but mental charity as well.

  2. I’ve taken an opioid for pain for years. I am slowly weaning off them. But I know this will take some time. Would it be ok to take CBD while I am coming off the opioid and would it help with withdrawal symptoms. Thanks.

  3. I been on anti-depressants since 2011. I am not depressed anymore and so I wanted to wean off and end that. I tried to wean on my own but ended up having a psychotic break which landed me in the hospital. I testify that this full spectrum CBD, and I haven’t taken my anti-depressants in 12 days!!! After taking it for 8 years everyday, my pills are FINISHED!! Praise Jesus and CBD. I should have been laid out and tied up in a mental institution right now without the CBD.

  4. Using CBD oil for a brain tumor causing seizures, insomnia, headaches, nausea. The only difference I see is the headaches have let up some, not as bad. I don't know how we can afford to keep taking this product for a long period of time? so expensive!!!

  5. Dont think ill smoke CBD.
    Sounds like a smokable Psych pill for a person with problems.
    Any pot smoker should stay away from this.
    Its TRASH dont trust it.
    Why smoke CBD if its addicting and messes with other medications.
    Its addicting…
    No thanks

  6. I have a Lotta problems with my neck and back and it has really helped me tremendously with the pain and my nervous system has helped me tremendously I just started trying CBD oil and I really get a lot of help with the CBD vapor it has help me so much I know it’s true because I’ve been praying for something to help me and it’s working for me that’s all I got to say

  7. Absolutely thank you for showing this video it’s so true I’ve learned more from watching this video and it makes a lot of sense and it has help me tremendously and I know it works because I had insomnia and I’ve been having severe depression and panic or in Zaidi attacks I don’t know what it is but I know that CBD oil has helped me tremendously thank you for the video and I am one that just started Has help me tremendously and I will stand up number one to let other people know how much it help me

  8. So sad that with all the positive evidence concerning cannabis, that in the USA it can't be studied on humans even though there are numerous benefits! It;s more than sad,it's a shame. Just heard Mexico will legalize cannabis by October 2019. It is believed that Mexico will be the number one exporter of cannabis to the world above Canada and the USA. If Mexico allows studies to be done on human as Israel is now doing,Mexico could very possibly become a very wealthy nation.Too bad big pharma has such a big influence in a bad way.

  9. CBD is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Within one day my depression/anxiety and lower back pain is gone. I sleep at night now…no more restless leg syndrome. No more Kolonapin for me! I’m telling everyone I know about this. 250 mg bottle lasts me a month for $40. Please try this! I was skeptical but now I 100% agree it’s a lifesaving product! ☺️

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