1. I saw another neurologist saying the opposite and that he sees issues through mri brain scans. Strange, who to believe. What does this doctor see differently when he looks at the same type of scans?? Or is he just saying oh maybe it’s something else? I find that to be a weak argument. Odds are of ones a pothead and his or her scans show issues, it’s the weed most of the time.

  2. I train strictly with the 1lb rope. You would probably tell me that it's better than no rope at all, but I'm actually focused on a small part of a big picture. Snag some 1:1 bud to go with coffee. Try RSO on avocado when you break your fast. (I'll grab a couple extra ropes soon too.)
    Regarding frequency, I say do the thing! Sure, take a day off every so often, and a week if you're sick, but practice how you wanna play; days off lead to off days.
    Last, it seems weird to me that you'd let someone punch you in the head for fun. I won't go on because I ride a motorcycle for kicks. You definitely should check out the neuroprotective effects of CBD during cranial impacts. I would be on a very high dose any time I was in the ring.

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