1. The nicotine will give you a tingly feeling in your brain and then the THC activates in your brain memories cells increasing the amount of psychoactivity
    Whenever I would get stoned and lightheaded I would be trying so hard to get my memory reactivated.

    Diphenhydramine and THC will affect your memory cells because you're trying so hard to keep your train of thought in a straight path

    Caffeine and THC will also affect your brain and your stop processing speed

    Thc and DXM will start a full-on psychedelic experience and change your perception of reality, questioning your beliefs of reality

    Don't try all at once, it will cause nasty side effects, like trouble breathing, Stephaned muscles and overheating of your blood.😎👌

  2. Actually this is misleading information as there is no longitudinal study on this. Is the memory short term or long term, what tests were used for memory; what functional assessments were followed?

  3. So she saying the Hipo thing gets smaller if I do both. Even though I just got caught will it still make it smaller since I get tested meaning I gotta stop for a while. Sorry forgot what I said had to reread like I’m not even lying😂. But size don matter right.

  4. Sometimes brain shrinkage is a sign of neural efficiency instead of damage. However, marijuana does seem to have a negative effect on short-term memory. Everything has pros and cons, and many sometimes it is hard to discern whether a change is damaging or enhancing (Hint: it's usually some combination of both). Consideration and moderation are always in order when dealing with psychoactive substances. Good luck 😉

  5. Its true obviously weed makes you feel stupid qnd nicotine just hits your sober self with a tiny 2 minuite rush then your back to your normal self weed on the otherhand impairs you for like 3 hours

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