1. Yeah when you wire it you need to use a thinner gauge wire just double it up and it works fine just dont leave it to long cuz it will dig in to the stem and leave scarring they look good the string idea works great al have to try that with me trees

  2. Truly amazed by this artwork! Do u use artificial lights and how do u prevent the plants from stretching too much? Maybe u can do a video about this, I would love to know!

  3. Great video sir. I like how you said 'wrapping around the trunk' when you were wrapping the twine and 'wrapping around the twine' when you were wrapping around the trunk. Curious if anybody else caught that and if you did it intentionally. BONSAI!!!!!!

  4. Bonsai soil is made of big particles. That soil could easily cause problems. Research the perched water table in pots. You want soil about the size of cat litter with a little bit of compost, 10% or so. The lowest part of a pot stays the wettest and bonsai pots are very short, so you want a soil that drains quickly.

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