1. i live in germany but im moving there soon… i got a us passport and going there too clear everything up first… can i get a card right away while waiting on cali id?

  2. Do I really need to provide medical records for my "condition" or do they just ask you what you suffer from? I'm just curious because I'm perfectly healthy but want to smoke legally and not have to deal with dealers..

  3. I used to smoke weed and play guitar this was in the 80s and I was a young man. In 1988 I started having anxiety attacks every time I smoked so I quit and became a drinker . Now at 50 drinking isnt as fun as it used to be . I was told by Dr. that weed can cause damage to the central nervous system and that probably happened to me . But even before that weed turned me from an Extrovert into a Introvert totally opposite from who I am . Im told weed is much better these days and that paranoia has been bread out of it . Anyone aware of this kinda situation. And what are my options I loved Playing guitar when stoned !!!!

  4. Guys don't worry or get nervous if you want your card mostly every person not everyone, some just lie like they can't sleep and there depress it's very easy to get your card just tell them something true and then just say I you can't sleep, 6 minutes later you get your card good luck.

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