1. Thats crazy. Would of thought it would be too cold to germinate outside like that. Definitely some strong genetics. The more purple she gets the more she looks like my plants momma. Not sure if im gonna get any seeds from her, but I'd love to try again to see if i can get something that big in my back yard next year. All my trichomes are cloudy, but I had to spray her for aphids and have to wait 2 days before harvest. Have you heard of keeping a plant in complete darkness the last 2 days to boost potency? I've heard from a few sources lately that it works and thinking of trying it. Hoping by then I get some Ambers. Specially if its a sativa, I'm a indica guy. I like to smoke at night to help with pain and sleep. If I dont get seeds from her. Id love to find some "blue coma" or "GG #4" seeds.

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