1. Just harvested 5 lemon deathstar plants. They're pretty big, pretty thick. I used to dry each branch individually but this time im just hanging the whole plants to try and preserve terpenes. Got the AC in there, temps at 63°F humidity 45-50%. Exhaust fan is on, ac runs most of the time so my question is i shouldn't be at risk for mold right?

  2. Hey Bro youre Plants are just looking fire!!! but do you need to dry youre bush longer when it´s 1 bush like you do it…. but i think when you cut down some branches its drys alot better i think…. but pls Tell me if i am wrong (and sorry for my bad english) love from Germany to Kolorado :)))

  3. I have a question when do you stop giving nutrients is in the last 2 weeks of the flowering stage or is it after the 7 weeks? Im growing some blueberry its in the 1 week of flowering just not sure on the curing part

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