1. Great video! I was wondering if those coffee filters would work so good to know!

    I'm curious though, a lot of ppl seem to infuse their oil for hours but I only do mine for an average of an hour (sometimes 30min others 90min) n it all has been abt the same strength so is there a reason why many cook it for so much longer? Thanks for any advice!

  2. Made strong honey and brownies from your videos! Your doing a great job, any chance of doing a video on how to infused coconut oil with rso? So I can mix that with some honey to make it even stronger! Cheers man

  3. Love your videos mate! Easy to follow, just simple and straight to the point. What size bottle did you use? How much honey per ml did you get from two 1/2 cups cheers. I know this sounds stupid but cheers haha

  4. I’ve recently made infused coconut oil in the Instant Pot. It turned out well. I decarbed in the regular oven, tho. I stir a spoonful in to my coffee or hot cocoa. It helps so much.

  5. Ive watched 100 + videos on infusing/ making edibles n oils and EVERYTHING.. you have more information in 6 minutes than most people do at all. Thank u. Your dosing makes me more confident.

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