1. Hey man, this is a super informational video and I think imma end up trying this out. I have a couple questions.
    Can I use the oil to turn it into carts?
    How much oil do you think I could make with 18gs of shake?

  2. Since most recipes use 1/2 cup oil, I suggest you add SLIGHTLY MORE than 1 cup coconut oil in order to yield a full cup in the end. You'll notice in this video that his 1 cup ends up being 3/4 a cup., which wouldn't quite be enough for two recipes.

  3. Really enjoy the vids. Your production technique and style are quite impressive. The shake looked a little more brown after decarb this time, how did it taste? Also, have you ever tried a water bath after the oil was made to improve taste?

  4. Thanks! I’ll try this. I just made some a couple days ago but did it a little different only cuz I had a crockpot with a temp probe for keeping the mix at a constant temp

    I spread an oz of course ground trim on parchment paper covered cookie sheets, popped them in the oven at 235 – 245 F for about 30 or 40 minutes to decarb Then I heated 2 cups of coconut oil to 170 and added the decarbed trim. Stirred every half hour for three hours. I maintain the the temp at 170 F. Then after the three hours I filter thru a cheesecloth into s container and put it in the refrigerator. Its a lotta weed for two cups of oil but it kicks your ass! I put 1tbsp in a cup a tea and get stupid for hours 👍 Had a cup an hour ago on an empty stomach.
    See how I typing a lot? Thats the oil! 🥴

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