1. Wanted to thank you for all your videos!! My dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung cancer in July and could no longer smoke his herb. With your videos I was able to get him going with edibles, he is no longer in pain, is gaining weight again thanks to his appetite, and he has been sleeping thru out the night!! Thanks so much for posting these videos, you are making a big difference!!!

  2. Thanks for the vids I’ve watched so far. Am getting some inspiration!! 😉 Do you have any vids for sugar free gummies? My wife is on a keto diet so sugar, any type, is a big NO NO.

  3. Hello! Thanks so much for sharing this amazing recipe! What kind of lecithin did you use for your recipe? I’ve heard of sunflower lecithin but I was wondering if maybe you used a different kind.

  4. Thanks Leanne. Been waiting for this one. I was not disappointed. Just don't find them very strong. Must be my tincture. Thanks again for another great video. Next vid should be another smoke and chat session.

  5. Great video! I actually made my coconut oil gummies from your tincture gummy vid and they worked out great. I actually substituted in cherry lucuma tea instead of water and paired it with cherry jello flavor. Tasted amazing! Coconut oil is so versatile 👍

  6. I love your gummy bear recipes. It seems to be better to make the infused coconut oil because it can be used in everything. What do you suggest using the tincture in other then gummies? Thank you for the video.

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