1. By doing this one could potentially buy up a bunch of legal good quality CBD bud and then press it to make Rosin with a illegal amount of THC. This is why I searched this. Lol

  2. Can i make e liquid with pg and vg from this rosin? It should be possible right? I maked e liquid with rso paste/sludge and it was great i put glass with pg in almost boiling water 85 celcius and put the rso paste in and stirred and it desolved, it vaped great in a mtl rta tank in tc controll.

  3. Can we please see an in depth video of an HTSHO extraction?πŸ™ My main focus is solventless vape oil and that would be my reason for buying an automated longs peak for maximum quality and volume. And also fabulous video as always!🍯🍯

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