1. I do the same with my AVB but I do not use the water as I found if any is left the oil it can cause mold. I also add the lecithin to the oil as its simmering, as I read it helps the thc molecules bound to the oils faster and better. And its also supposed to make it absorb in your body faster. I can get away with adding it before its done as i do not use water or as you know it would just let it mix together (made that mistake when I used water as you do ) I also use a muffin tin for letting the oil set as it holds just over 1/3 cup in each and thats what I use for my cookies. Anyway great video man!

  2. I make a butt load of butter and oil with my AVB. This is quite the process! If it works for you, that's great πŸ™‚ I throw butter in an oven safe dish with a lid and the AVB with an inch of water at the bottom for 4 hours and then strain. Done.

  3. Sweet video. I have a Pax myself and use it sparingly. I have been keeping the ABV but because I don't use the vape that often my ABV supply doesn't grow fast. Do you know how long I can keep this shit in a jar for? Like is there a shelf life for ABV?

    Love your videos!

  4. i wonder if a brita water jug would work to help with the taste of it . man it must of taken what 2 days to get the finished product . i will be expecting my share in the mail . COD IT lol . man that's a lot of work . you should save it until you have 200 or 300 grams of ABV and make a huge batch of it . or buy a bunch of the $4.00 a gram stuff just to see how much stronger it can get . i would think it would be 2 to 3 times stronger i would think . i can't remember how much thc is left after you vape it .

    earlier i almost placed a order . but i know if i do something I've been waiting for will become available . you know it happens every time . so the outlaw will have to wait .

  5. When I make a new batch (not ABV tho) I'll have to try this but my current batch is never gonna be finished lol. I'd really like to see how much it removes the taste since my batch, which used fresh-ish bud tastes awful lol

  6. Boy, and I thought the process I used for butter was time consuming!

    I use an induction hotplate rather than a double boiler, and it keeps a constant temperature of between 170Β° – 200Β° F. Also, coffee filters will get more out than cheesecloth, but it takes much, much longer to strain.

    Great instructional video! I kinda wonder if there's any THC lost when you water wash the stuff.

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