1. Dr. Frank, after 15 years of smoking weed, I stop smoking because the last 5 times I smoke (really big bowls) those where giving me Panic and Anxiety attacks. I didnt knew what was that, the first time that happend I was thinking that I gonna die. It was a really bad feeling. After some blood test the Dr´s couldnt find anything and they related to Panic and Anxiety attacks, the thing in here is that I only have panic attacks when I smoke a really good bowl, I dont have this attacks if I dont smoke. I never had it when I was young, but for some kind of reason I start those in May so I stop since May.
    I did smoke 4 days ago I did smoke a really good bowl and the Panic attack got trigger, but I was able to control it becasue I did my research about some exercise that can help. This is a really fast recap of my situation. But seems that I´m not going to smoke again because weed triggers me Panic and Anxiety attack. (Sorry for my bad English) greetins from Tijuana.

  2. I've followed you since youve made tiktok and I'm surprised that people say that it doesn't get you hooked when in reality, Anything can be an addiction. Thank you for taking the time to talk about this. Not a lot of ppl know that it can become a serious problem. I can say I'm one of them, I thought I was doing great and balancing my life but sadly, grass isn't always greener. I've started to get rid of it but it is hard, but hey. Life is difficult so I will overcome this like anything else. We just gotta open our eyes and face the truth. I appreciate you dr.frank

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