1. When I'm high I can think of millions of ways to not smoke. When I'm sober I cant remember why I wanted to stop in the first place. But it's been easier lately, guess I'm just maturing. Thanks for the video.

  2. Firstly, you look amazing – with or without the beard. Secondly, thank you for your honestly and clarification. You are the GOAT 🐐. Now let me go meditate over a spliff and get my life together lol.

  3. Don‘t you think that having weed on you & still having the choice and the will to say no, your heart just simply tells you no, is the real aim? To have the chance to smoke but still say NO, because you know you shouldn‘t. That’s my view on this topic. I‘m interested in your answer, because you mention that when you have weed on you, you end up smoking it all & also everyday.
    There‘s a really nice video that I can recommend you from the youtube channel Seala Media -> „Rasta man explains effects on marijuana & smoking“ .
    What‘s your opinion?

  4. I think some people have the gift to be able to be productive and smoke while others it drains there life energy. The problem is when the media encourages its use that people arent able to decide for themselves. Its all dependent on the person.

  5. MO! Make a video on why it’s important (especially in times like these) to have a belief in God. You seem like a holy man. If you’re ever in Arizona we should definitely try to make plans 🙂 People like us on our spiritual path absolutely NEED to convince people that God is real. Love your vids.. can totally relate to your “relapse” on pot. Just this weekend I decided to hit my pen again after I committed to a break but in that short amount of time I realized what weed does for me. Let me share a metaphor with you; “God treats me like a pig. He hangs truth up like a carrot on a stick and guides me down the path of truth.”

  6. I decided to quit last week myself ive been smoking on and off for 16 years and although i dont regret it at all because it changed me and made me a more awar gentle person. But now its stopping my motivation and can turn mw to internal. I need to take what ive learnt from it now and chase my goals more.

  7. If I do it once in 3 months, it is absolutely psychedelic and it can have its benefits, the problem is that I always end up in a 3-4 week binge (all day, every day) and it is more of an anaesthesic.
    Getting off again is 5 days of discomfort, negativity, insomnia, etc. and then another 2 weeks of just 'feeling off'. All in all, I would say my relationship with the herb is problematic.
    My biggest problem with weed is that it makes me less brave. Bravery is a commodity you can not have too much of in this life.

  8. Really nice talk that you brought up here, there is no hard lines or rules, but it is important to stay conscious about our behaviors, personally i use it always with a clear goal in mind

  9. im 16 and during the beginning of 2020 i was smoking consistently almost every single day until 2 months ago iv been sober ever since the start of my spiritual journey, im thinking of smoking a bit again for spiritual purposes only to reflect and just get into a deeper state of mind, mabye meditate a bit. idk tho is it worth breaking a 2 month streak … ig only i know whats best. Also Mo what your thoughts on thc carts are they dangerous, should you only be smoking bud?
    <3 love your vids man your one of my great spiritual teachers respect you a lot.

  10. Mo, honestly from the depths of my heart thank you brother. Its all on point and adjusted to fit what we're actually dealing with on a daily. So practical and authentic. I listen to your videos a lot for soul strength in the car or whenever I need a boost. Give thanks for your contribution🙏

  11. Thank you for sharing Mo. Cannabis is a great tool for self development. Unfortunately people use the tool too much on themselves. I did for 2 years. It helped me but I also hurt myself in many ways. Can't abuse planet medicine.

  12. Mo, you are by far the best youtuber I've heard when it comes to combining different teachings for practical use in daily life, from self-improvement to self-acceptance, and everywhere in between. I truly appreciate every video you release, and I can't wait to see how far you take this movement you've begun. Peace be with you brother, and if things go at all according to plan I'll show you this comment in the next 12 months and you'll almost drop the joint from laughing so hard. I'm looking forward to it 🙂

  13. Hi Mo…I really enjoyed this video…It brings me joy your finding a new perspective…Many different shamans from many cultures have all found tools to help them develop there gifts further…My spirit guides lead me to Kratom…I have a very sensitive nervous system and have been awakening to the fact that most of the pain and anxiety I feel is from others…Sometimes we are guided to these tools to help us further develop into our true essence…My question to you, have you ever tried to create a ritual out of smoking?..I see a circle of candles, wood flooring, and deep meditation…Your growth and journey has help guide my own…Thanks for continuing to be a positive beacon of hope…With Joy and Love my brother…

  14. Some of the coolest guys have smoked and still smoke. Lol. I got on board with weed late in life. I just started last year or so and I'm happier now because I can chill out and see life from different perspectives. Plus, have you heard me sing when I'm high, bro? oooooh!!!
    Bro. Have you played videogames while high? Yes, you have. For me, it slows down what I'm seeing and let's me appreciate the artistry in their creations.
    I love it.
    It's weird because before I smoked, I thought weed smelled horrible. Now, it smells so good. It must be something like those funky cheese corn snacks that the homie with the cart likes to sell in the hood. My fam love to eat that corn, but I can't get passed the smell. Maybe if I just forced my way through those first few funky bites, I might like it. Lol.
    I started weed with the vape pen but now prefer flower over oil.
    And yeah, I need to take a nap because I feel like I'm still groggy from last night's smoking session. But hey bro, I was able to get two videos done and posted them. See? It was productive and I didn't swear in them which has been my goal moving forward with my vids. I'm more conscious of my thoughts, my true thoughts on whatever topic. But for sure, I need to go back to sleep real quick.
    Oh, and thanks for this informative video, bro.

  15. Also keep in mind that whatever you say your followers will likely just do. I promise this video enabled many to at least smoke once again after having a break thinking that “this time I’ll be better … “

  16. Love your videos. Just here I disagree. Weed to me is like the devil. I feel like you can lose perspective on it as well as it becomes more of a routine in your life. As you smoke you lose the ability to naturally activate the cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in a human being. I genuinely think one can only have a perspective on whether smoking weed is “productive” or not only if they don’t do it for years on end. I quit 2 and half years ago after honestly concluding that weed helped me in various ways. I now can say I was utterly delusional. This is my experience, but ever since quitting I’ve done things I only dreamt of prior. Another thing, if you smoke there always will be left over THC that even activates later on like the next day or next month after you smoke. In a way I feel like weed has a spirit and it tries it’s very best to join forces with even those who are seemingly “woke”. What goes up must come down… you smoke up —> unnatural high + built tolerance to losing the ability to naturally activate your highs —-> then an equal/ opposite low to the high you got… which usually as the smoker you lose perception of. While it may seem like I’m close minded, I genuinely do think that now I have a much clearer head and perspective for someone who has smoked periodically and quit for only 2 years of my youth. I’m 21 now and I’ll never touch any substance again.

    also ask yourself this. Has weed bridged from your youth to adulthood? Meaning did you ever really give your self a chance to stop or has it just re occurred in a cycle every few months.

  17. This video came right in time lol I was just about to blaze a bowl, wake and bake. But I think I will go meditate outside for atleast 30 minutes before I do. Something is something.

  18. Agreed 100% everything u said been smoking pretty heavily for the past 2 years, I’m only 16, it’s allowed me to be open to a lot of things but when it comes to action it’s not a great tool for me. I’ve learned a lot these past two years and learned many tools( meditation, wim hof method, yoga, journaling, etc..) the only things I feel that stop me from doing these things daily and truly living to the fullest is probably weed, masturbation, and social media the most. There may be other things but I feel I won’t be aware of what those things are until I let go of the distractions I just mentioned. Anyway it’s been a journey that I’ll always be on and just wanted to thank you for what u do! These vids help out a lot.

  19. I have been a slave to Mary Jane in the past. I smoked weed for 3 years every single day when I was a college student in NYC. I found that it helped to expand my consciousness and accept everything as it is like you said. After I learned how to meditate, eat high vibrational foods and practice yoga I found that weed lowered my vibration whenever I indulged in it. I feel vulnerable whenever I blaze now because I feel like it opens a portal to the 4th dimension (dream world) and I'm more susceptible to other peoples' energy. Thats why if I do choose to light up I make sure I do it alone and with a clear intention in mind. Appreciate the info Mo, theres no right or wrong just what works and what doesn't

  20. When you first abstain from it, it's a bit of a bitch. That first 10 days is rough. Many people dont make it that far. The pulls to great. If you can take a puff or two once or twice a month it can be used as a tool. Thats the key. IF YOU CAN USE IT LIKE THAT.. if not, the tool is using you. My belief anyway.

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