1. I don't know much about growing cannabis. I understand only coco coir is used as the medium which has zero nutrients from what I've read. At what point do you put in nutrients? I thought the veg state needed nutrients to grow.. or is there something in the water you're adding.

  2. i got a question.. there is small shrooms growing in my pot, now ive been watching videos and some say its because of high humidity and because my soil is rich, but then im just wondering why urs looks so flawless? am i watering too much or what causes this? and should i be worried?

  3. As always you’ve got it dialed in! Please share why you prefer rockwool for your clones. I use an aero cloner and get great results, but was curious on your thoughts. If curious please check my channel to see. Do you feel the rockwool gives them a better start?

  4. yo ok i just stumbled apon this Greengenes Garden video and am Amazed at the detail and easy way to learn.i had to stop 9 minuets into it to comment..i cant wait to see it all .btw.i just bvought 3 gelato clones and am growing for 1st time .i will post n hope someone can coach mec through my grow

  5. First of all I want to let you know I like your no nonsense channel. I want to grow in coco which will be my first time. I want to do it on a budget with what I have. Organic bone meal 4-12-0, organic chicken manure 3-2-3, Horticultral lime, Azomite, Epsom salt, Perlite, Pre washed coco coir 11 gal. brick, 600 watt hps light, and Super thrive with kelp. I will be growing two strains Sugar cookies and Do-si-do. Do you thine I can pull this off with what I have. Thanks in advance.

  6. The one thing i never see on the links is What kind of coco do you use ? Do you use blocks from cocotek or bags….and i guess with daily watering you do not need pearlite…the clones look great
    Thanks and stay safe

  7. I always wondered why I would ha 've deficient plants my first week after transplanting into coco. They do always bounce back fairly fast tho. I can't wait for the update on this grow.

  8. Great channel for a beginner like myself. Thanks for your efforts.. Did you know if you nest a clip in premiere you can add warp stabilization w/o the red prompt showing up? Just a tip in return for all the knowledge I have picked up from you.

  9. Hey gene. Noticing at the begining of the video you have some bigger plants in 4 or 6 inch rockwool cubes. Have you ever flowered in them? More and more people that are running vpd in climate controlled grows are doing the rockwool cubes start to finish.

    Just wondering what your thoughts are.

    It is tempting to ditch the coco in favor of the cheaper, less messy rockwool. But I do hear plants in rockwool are much more sensitive to climate variation.

    If you had a patreon or something I would happily fund a side by side between the coco and rockwool

  10. Do you only use Coco coir for soil and then add nutrients? I have foxfarm ocean floor and I'm worried the plants are gonna burn to the point where I don't even wanna add nutrients like big bloom

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