1. If you are over feeding in week 6 thats not good. You are probably looking at senescence which is the flower pushing its final growth and using nutes you want that in week 6 you dont need any more nutrients

  2. Looking forward to seeing that coco grow. Using it since my 1st. Originally intended to switch to DWC but with my beginner results being abolute fire, decided to stick with it. 3rd grow now, may eventually go to a recirculating system, I am hand watering drain to waste atm. Check it out brother! As always excellent video! I'm on Instagram as @709grows.

  3. Yup, It happens… & you knew you were "pushing" that plant hard already.
    & There's a very fine line to walk, when you get that close to perfection…
    My wireless Temp monitoring setup has an alarm setting, doesn't yours?

  4. I personally like the one plant grow. When I’m finally able to start this is what I plan on doing. I’ll probably get a complete kit with the grow tent and oxygen pot and led light and all I need to start growing. The oxygen pot system comes with six pots but I’ll start with one until I learn what I’m doing. Keep up the great job

  5. Hi mate love the vids I have run autopot system in the past ok system but you will get salt build-up at the bottom so you may have to flush your plants out every couple of weeks and also I found out setting your pH lower and I want it to rise this will help as well

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