1. Something surprising happened to me so when I topped my plant the side shuts grew but somehow the main stem cut was able to regenerate its central stem again. Why did this happen? It was a clean cut too btw

  2. Your English is so well developed that I didn't hear any accent until the very end. Incredible. Native tongue isn't possible, I believed, for non-native linguists. My family comes from Finland and Canada. The English speaking skills that my Finnish family practice is typically expert level. But there is always a rhythmic or pronounced Finnish tilt. I love linguistic people. Your speech is the best I've ever heard.

    Pardon me for injecting my unsolicited opinion. I was shocked at the most subtle hint that suggest you weren't an American raised native.

  3. I don't top much anymore but i DO fem a lot…..i figure that indoors where i control the climate and environmental conditions like nutes,watering,pest control,etc and with adjustable drivers on my lights i feel the big fan leaves are 100% unnecessary and the benefit of the light and the boosted growth of the branches are FAR more important for a maximum yield than the need of those ugly sun blockers lol…..I've learned that if you want taller "trees" you can just leave em alone but if you want fat "bushes" that are as big around as they are tall THEN you'll need to keep them trimmed during the vegetative state…..but after the flower stage kicks in leave them ALONE lol…..

  4. When you dropped the F bomb I couldn’t stop laughing, just didn’t expect that even though I know what fim stands for, lol, & isn’t this an old vid of yours? I’m sure I watched it a year or 2 back but says it’s only a few months old.

  5. I like to clone the top too. It's the strongest part of the plant, esp if starting by seed. But my clone rate is 99-100% w rapid rooters no matter where they're cut from.

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