1. try grinding your material a bit less fine — when it's powder like that, it's a lot harder for the solvent to pass through the material. should help speed up the extraction process!

  2. You get a C for effort. A rudimentary chem class would serve you well. Acetone should be distilled prior to use and then made anhydrous with drying agents and distilled yet again. After completion a distillation should be performed to remove the acetone from the boiling flask. To ensure all acetone has been removed, use a water aspirator or vacuum pump to remove the atmosphere and reduce the pressure of your system and that process will remove any residual acetone. You could ask put the oil in a vacuum desiccator and achieve the same task with more control.

  3. You can be sure most of these potheads smoking MJ /hash oil are smoking cigarettes too, which is known to contain 20 known LUNG CANCER AGENTS. So, who cares if the Acetone has LUNG CANCER AGENTS. MIGHT AS WELL SUCK ON A DIESAL RIG EXH PIPE.

  4. That is not medicine. You have made an adulterated product. Even if you used lab grade acetone you will never get 100% evaporation there will always be some remaining in your distillate(due to impurity bonding). That acetone you get from the hardware store is loaded with contaminants and in no way should be absorbed by the body(very carcinogenic). Your solvent needs to be anhydrous such as 99% ethanol but 99% isopropanol(from costco) is easily available. If your extracting for oral or topically use you will still be getting alot of the water solubles(vitamins and minerals) in the plant especially because of how long your running the soxhlet(soxhlet generally used for a limited solubility product). If your extracting for a smokable product decrease runtime to get less water solubles(that should not be inhaled). I would recommend using organic untreated coffee filters and washing them in a solution 1/2 composed of your solvent(alcohol!) and distilled water; let them dry. You have to setup a distillation system to recapture the alcohol; you have an allihn condenser already just get the proper joint to orientate it vertically and recapature the alcohol (cost like $20 max). I am concerned for the health of your patients please reconsider your reagents and practices.

  5. Nice setup and the homemade thimble is just brilliant!
    But I'm not sure all the acetone evaporates if you just let the extract dry in air. You can use a vacuum adapter and a vacuum pump on your boiling flask when all the oil has been extracted and pull a vacuum for some time. That should get rid of all traces of acetone.

  6. Isn't a little bit too risky to use industrial grade acetone to extract cannabinoids for medical use? I mean, most of the acetone will evaporate from the extraction but a little percentage of the total will be present in the final product. Also, how can you be shure about the purity of the acetone? Just thinking… Could you also try to rinse water soluble components like dirt, dust, sugars and alcohols cycling the soxhlet with boiling water after extracting the non water soluble cannabinoids?

  7. for future improvement id recommend saving the distillate, as you can reuse it ( that would make using ever-clear more viable.) Also decarb lower and slower. and you can clean with a couple of washes in water ( and re-distilling the water off removing some water soluble impurities. also since the soxhelt can for long periods i dont grind my plant material nearly as much, as thats just asking for plant matter to contaminate your end product . (i do a cholorform water wash dissolve oil in chloroform{cleaned} in a jar, add water shake the shit out of it {or a high rate stir bar.} the nasty will stay in the water. you will notice a difference, hopefully i helped a little.

  8. I'd like to do something like this, but you seem more of a 'Macgyver' than myself, I have made good oil, I'm just wondering how you administer your medicine & in particularly for what condition? you mention pain? but topically intrigues me if you care to elaborate? I also want to implement DMSO, but more for a suppository type application to avoid the 'high', also increase absorption & help with IBD type symptoms

  9. At the end you said you're going to add alcohol, why even use DMSO? It's just a solvent. Your solvolysis is already done. To make things a bit cheaper for you, get rid of the acetone and just use everclear, distill it to get pure alcohol. Run that and the green in the soxhlet. No need to evaporate off acetone or anything like that. You will just have your final product already.

  10. So the Idea Is – drip cool, distilled acetone over your marijuana to extract the THC containing oil. Right? I mean you could just soak the weed in acetone, then just strain it out, couldn't you?
    I've never been able to figure out a reason to use my Soxhlet extractor – but they are cool, I mean how they work, and all. I have an idea though that I will hazard, given you seem to be unafraid of acquiring glassware.
    Currently, you protect yourself from the who-knows-what-kind-of-industrial-waste might likely be in your acetone, since you distill it (with the Allin condenser) right?(so don't preload the extractor body from the can) If you insulate your water tubing lines, you could recapture the (clean, by the way) acetone by evaporating it on the ONE hotplate in a different vessel. That's right, via a small kettle, set up for simple distillation (cooled for free by my tubing installation idea)! Collect clean acetone for your next run.
    Live in the desert? You could even power this all with a couple of solar panels, having no carbon footprint at all (not to mention, you would no longer be pumping hydrocarbons into the atmosphere, right?)

    Message me back,IM me, if you want free set up details. One hint: use those foam, split tubing sections they use on the copper pipes of heating systems to run your tubing inside of.
    great work 🙂

  11. Get some keck Clips for your ground glass joints glidman rings would be a good purchase too, in my opinion they are far superior to vaccume grease. Id also reccomend that you clamp the boiling flask by the neck. When you assemble your apperatus you should start with clamping the flask, inserting the extractor body and securing it with the second clamp.then add your reflux condenser to the top.hardware store acetone is dirty for a solvent; however, it is cheap. I understand the need for a cheap solvent, so my reccomendation would be to first distill the acetone. Rocks for boiling stones can contaminate your product with heavy metals and particulate, broken glass works well for boiling chips and does not scratch or break your boiling flask. I like your pid hot plate, very innovative. A good upgrade is a magnetic stir plate. One can be made from an old rice cooker.get some neodymium magnets and Drill some holes matching the magnet diameter into some aluminum stock. Jb weld them in and attach them to a bathroom fan moter. Make a bracket to hold the motor below the cooker making sure the magnetic bar is within the center ring of the heater on the bottom.Get a dimmer switch for the fan motor speed controll, and use your pid for the heating coil. Get some stir bars and bang! I swear you'll never use a boiling chip again!

  12. hey mate, well done in refining your process. I have a tip for a better solvent that i have tested and works brilliantly. Hexane. i got it out of automotive electrical cleaner,, its a polar solvent and has a boiling temp of between 40-50 degrees C. when i do my extractions i only have to use warm water instead of oil (less messy) and also it doesnt remove any chlorophyll so the end product is a nice honey colour to a yellow, no green in at all 🙂

  13. You will find that Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK or butanone) is comparable in price to acetone but a much better extraction solvent. You can find it in the paint section of your local hardware store, anywhere you can find acetone. In my experience, MEK performs up to 10% better.

    Sources: Chemical Engineering research work

  14. Acetone is used as an organic solvent is not a hydrocarbon … Also from wikki.
    "Hexane is one of the few toxic alkanes. Physiological effect is not due to the same substance but its metabolism products, in particular 2,5-hexadione. This compound reacts with some amines essential for cell function nerve. neurotoxic thus. also has an addictive potential and dangerous "


  15. you should consider using hexane instead of acetone i have heard hexane is one of the safest to use because it has a smell and taste like gasoline in such low dosages as 30 ppm but the toxic amount of hexane contamination is around 250 ppm. there for it's easy to detect when contaminate's are left over at a rate much lower then is toxic to the human body and it also evaporates really well and leaves next to nothing behind. anyways just a thought otherwise this is the best method to make extracts

  16. 191 proof refers to the purity of the alcohol. Less pure alcohol cannot extract all the oil. Alcohol also takes longer in the Soxhlet. I cycle alcohol for about 8 hours at a higher temperature because alcohol boils at a higher temp than acetone.

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