1. Most of the cases studied are marijuana with a high THC concentration and low CBD concentration, and also consumed in quite large amounts. The question that bothers me is this: what in the case of occasional use of a medical variety that has, for example, 2: 1 – CBD: THC ratio, content – 10%: 5% and is used in an amount even micro, I mean crumbs, which, however, cause relief from symptoms without potential side effects.
    And in addition I would like to mention that the marijuana that was available in 1845 differs significantly from the modified marijuana in most cases today – just because of the high thc content and low cbd, which is no longer natural and safe. So I guess it's not that trivial.

  2. Great information. Add to that the fact that specially adolescents who are on antidepressants (specially mood stabilizers and SSRIs) and cannabis at the same time, the data has shown depression gets worse.

    Add to that, not being a scientist, the fact it kills neurons and brain cells. That’s pretty much clear to me.

    Abstain from it, specially if you are depressed and/or anxious.

    Have a sober October. Thank me later. 30 days. You should be able to handle that. If you feel worse go back to it and see what happens.

  3. Sooo, don't use weed as your crutch; use pharmaceuticals instead? Have your body turned into an experimental laboratory of pharmaceutical chemicals that might-possibly-maybe make you feel better. The ssri's take about a month apiece to be build up in your bloodstream, and have the potential to make you want to kill yourself even more than before you started taking them. I'll take the laziness, the hunger, the short-term memory loss, and the short-term alleviation over wanting to kill myself more than ever before any day of the week.

  4. I'd be more convinced if you included the strains types used, the dose during each use, the frequency of use, the method of use and the amount of time these patients used cannabis and how they stopped (ie, step down vs cold turkey). Not everyone uses cannabis the same way.

  5. I don't think it is. Not for me it isn't.

    I'm unusual though. As usual with everything. I don't get the munchies and for me THC amplifies my feeling and emotions. It won't to anything for a headache, if anything I would just feel it worse. It's not a pain killer, CBD might be, but the stuff I use has none of that. I have no experience in the effects of CBD.

    When I first started to learn to play guitar, if I wasn't high, it wasn't the same. I didn't do it. For me it amplifies that vibe you get from good music and what you take from it. Especially if you are playing it while feeling it. But even listening to it.

  6. People should use cannibis as away of going out for a drink at the weekends and keep yourself in shape all week, don't use in away that you have to depend on it look after yourself as well stay active and get out and enjoy your life and then if you say to yourself god I wouldn't mind a jiont or two get yourself some weed and relax with it put your feet up but also don't depend on it just use it as a way to treat yourself yano

  7. Interesting video, I notice you are sticking with THC as the benchmark on these studies, have you got any studies regarding CBD? I smoked pot a lot as a teenager, then I became an alcoholic which I have now addressed and have been sober for 3 years, unfortunately, I was left with bouts major depression and anxiety, I have been put on multiple anti-depressants over the last 3 years including 3 different SSRI brands, one of which was Citralipram, I reacted extremely badly to these with my depression pushing me to nearly constant suicidal thoughts, I have found marijuana helps a lot with both my depression and anxiety without the sort of side effects I get from pharmaceutical chemicals, are the studies you have talked about based more on street grade marijuana or does this include medical grade?

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