1. The way I look it at, even if you're only using weed to drown your woes, anxieties, and depression, it's a still a net detriment. But I would like to see weed become legal because people who want drown their "WAD" use alcohol every day, and that fucks them up so much worse than weed ever could. Of course, the down-side is more people might resort to drowning rather than dealing with their "WAD" if weed were legal, because using alcohol to do that really takes a toll on a person, and this toll makes at least some people "deal" instead of "drown".

  2. I appreciate your honest and educational channel but as for – 3:003:08 – I couldn't disagree more with it. I like to believe I am rational and very scientific about my conclusions, and according to my research (scientific and anecdotal evidence) weed can be very dangerous and the percentage of people for who it ends up being detrimental is everything but negligible.
    There are multiple studies who have correlated Cannabis use (especially in adolescence) with the development of chronic psychotic symptoms. Sure this is not a DEFINITE proof that cannabis is the very source of it, but neither is correlating deaths with certain medication a DEFINITE proof that it's deadly, yet it's certainly taken seriously and even listed in the possible side effects.
    In case you don't want me to paste the links to scientific studies because you find reading those studies boring, you can go visit the "dpselfhelp" forum, which is a community for discussing about the Depersonalization disorder, and probably the most commonly reported trigger for this awful and disabling symptom is smoking Cannabis. Sure, it's anecdotal but it's pretty overwhelming to be neglected.

    Another thing – attributing CBD's beneficial properties to weed doesn't make much sense. CBD is a non-psychoactive ingredient in Cannabis and THC is a psychoactive one that you are talking about in this video. Don't mix the two.

    Like you said, both sides have their own stories and both like to go to their own extremes, but the thing with anecdotal evidence nowadays is that there are sooooo many so called potheads on the internet that have insanely raised the popularity of weed lately so it seems as if weed is this amazing plant with no risks and only benefits. Which is nonsense of course.

    I PERSONALLY think that, statistically, weed is a "fixing what's not broken" kind of thing for healthy people and for people that suffer from certain mental disorders, such as anxiety, it might be very beneficial but it also might be very detrimental, depending on the individual.

    That is everything but "pros astronomically outweighing the cons", in my opinion.

  3. Really good differentiating video! Thanks! But please get your hoodie strings on the same height 😀 One is 'higher' (how funny) than the other and it makes me insane 😀

  4. Its funny how everyone is different. Weed makes being bored much worse for me. I will have this urge to go out and explore, and will give me a great deal of motivation to set my life straight.

    But smoking everyday can make me slow, tired and forgetful within a matter of days, and it takes a toll on me and thats why I avoid it.

  5. Great for a real world view. You either get the sellers or addicts going 'nah, its great' or the adults and lawe going 'naah, its evil' but your like 'one life, dont want to miss out- rather minus one day for a good time but is it really only gonna be one day or a truly good time?'.

  6. that part where you talk about weed being a trickster really stuck with me. and how I can be motivated while on it but lose than when I'm off and never develop the ability to have motivation without it. thanks man, subbed.

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