1. Sorry, I am an old schooler, and seeing these doofy chodes all looking exactly alike w their flat brims or doofy glasses frames that don't fit their face is just hilarious. None of you little boys have any idea wtf you are talking about. Go buy some more flat brims and talk about kush and cookies while saying ya know and right and brah all the fucking time… gimme a fuckin break. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜‚

  2. Of all the crazy stuff that has happened in 2020, finding out that anyone still gives a shit about the Bungle Boys has to be the top of the list. It's like thinking you're going to learn to be a great chef by learning to cook at McDonald's.

    3.5 EC? The question isn't how much you can feed a plant, but how little can you get away with before you hurt yield. Greatly overfeeding hurts yield more than slightly underfeeding.

    Stoners are generally pretty dumb (I say this as one myself), but SoCal stoners are in a league of their own… nobody living in legal states, outside of SoCal think the Beagle Boys are anything special or cares what these buttpickers think about cannabis. This is the worst Future Cannabis Project video since that one guy who sounded like Vin Diesel. I mean, congrats to them for separating so many SoCal idiots from their money, but they have absolutely nothing of value to contribute to the future of cannabis and I'm sick of videos like this.

    The idiots in the comments here saying that terpenes don't affect flavor… LOL OK. Imagine genuinely believing that "a lemon doesn't taste like a lemon because of limonene, it's because of sugars". What sugar tastes like lemons again? Because limonene tastes exactly like a lemon. There's only one type of sugar in fruits… fructose. It doesn't taste like anything except sweetness.

    Or that organically grown cannabis will "cure Crohn's" but hydro won't. OK sure buddy. Let me guess, you got your doctorate in medicine from the University of Your Ass. Who needs things like "doing experiments" or "studying biochemistry" when you can just make shit up?

    You idiots all deserve each other.

  3. 2014-17 jungle boys killed the game. Now days, it’s just not there. Ivan and roach are amazing guys. I’ve met both. But the products coming out of there dispensary’s the past 2-3 years are not up to par at all. The concentrates got me sick af. I hope they get back on track I miss there products.

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