1. Well I guess I’ll run in 2019, October 21: 19 days before I turn 32 and make sure all compassion cannabis orgs are free like they should be, as well, shifting gov away from people’s personal lives are not directly attacked by a green carpet the queen put in. I am the majority, you are the majority, they are the 0.1%
    Need a backer and I will run for politics
    Need some wealthy people to back me, I’ll do it.
    Mr. Prime minister watch out
    Hit me up, let’s talk passion for freedom in Canada
    Let’s talk openly about any issues we all have, I will always answer the questions, unlike tredueaush
    Fresh mind, in need of a job, really couldn’t write a better resume for you Canadians, as a first generation European
    ethical, moral, Christian upbringing, worked as a surf instructor, substitute teacher, and my father was a former failed PM.
    Oh wait that last part after surf was a lie, sorry, cuz I can’t lie to 37.06 million people it’s not in me
    Will need some help brushing up on my French though, 🙂 to qualify…
    Pm me

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