1. Jordan, call Jimmy Dore and ask him to help you with your audio & how you frame yourself so that you look like a professional broadcaster the way he does. I am sure he would give you all the tech help you need! Congrats on the new digs.

  2. Congrats on the home purchase. I'm in California and we're foregoing home ownership again because we can't afford a home in a decent area so we are keeping our cramped apartment with son for a couple of years more.

  3. The sound honestly is not that bad. There's a reverb obviously, but we can still understand what the hell you're saying. Which is on point as usual. People just whine over everything. 🙄

  4. Jordan, this old Boomer lady doesn’t give a flying ‘f’ about your technology, or how you ‘sound’. All I care about is YOU and your reporting!! I can remember your first report when you left Cenk, etc, and I was very impressed. Been watching you ever since. You are one of a few who SPEAK TRUTH!!!!! Love ya! Congratulations on your wedding. I will keep watching until I’m DEAD.

  5. Don't need to be worried about the CIA because of course you can't hide yourself, but do worry about the alt-right and some of their "donated" intelligence-like facilities. Also CONGRATS! Really happy for you both!

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