1. Amazon prime…look for Oliver stone's Ukraine on fire …..outstanding doc…..u want to learn about Stephan bandera n all the rest of neo nazis and hiw we destroyed that country….amazing video…..also Oliver made a doc about Venezuela…named south of the border fantastic doc

  2. Somebody really needs to look into who was organizing those "white supremacists" at Charlottesville. Who provided them with all those Tiki torches and had them marching around like trained seals? – it all seemed very staged for the cameras to me. I believe those Right-wing morons who turned up at Charlottesville were set-up/used/framed in order to provide the Democrats with the optics they needed to pursue this "White Nationalist" narrative.

  3. Hello from AZ Ryan. Been following you for bout a year. I pretty much agree with everything expect one or two major opinions on many things. I know you take alot of heat for many things as well, but what you say is so obvious to anyone willing to look, READ more than just the headlines and pictures. These things are so obvious my kids could figure out if interested. Its like some people are like kids. They get their news from their favorite comedian like SNL or any major media. Liberals are even checking their own and have driven many away. Im happy to see the news isnt censored over there. Thats very comforting. We all need to calm down and think like a chess player now, several moves ahead. Hope the eyes come back soon. jeez, sorry bout that. Take care,stay safe.

  4. You seem to be interested in exposing Israel, so I am surprised that you don't want to interview a guy who was injured when he was ten years old when he picked up a doll to play with that was dropped from a helicopter that exploded and ripped off his left leg, his right foot, and his right arm, and he came to the US and got prosthetics where he lived with me for a year and now lives in Khan Younis with his wife and new baby. He needs financial help and you could have him on your show and maybe help him at the same time but I guess you are not interested…to me, having to put on your legs when you wake up is a big thing

  5. This should be titled "Kamala and Chris Wallace to the Woodshed". Chris Wallace wasn't this bad four years ago. It's like CW has become possessed with race-baiting since then.

  6. Thank u for a piece with intellectual integrity with the full story of what is happening- not about party propaganda but about truth. I am not American but aware all our futures r tied to the outcomes in the US. Hope ur eyes heal soon. Also, loved ur in depth work on Epstein etc. So good to have a trusted voice. Warmest wishes from Scotland x

  7. The "moderator" started interrupting Pence 15 to 20 seconds BEFORE his time was actually up to make him sound like he was being uncooperative and to keep him from driving his points home.

  8. Pence:"The president's daughter & son-in-law are Jewish." All is well if the story ends there. But what if P.O.T.U.S's daughter & her husband were Jewish supremacists & whispered Netanyahu's poison into the president's ear!? Then what choice is left for humanity but endless war!?

  9. Identity politics is just that, politics and bares no resemblance to reality. Most people I believe are peaceful creatures but we are used in wars, conflicts, politics, arguments, them and us mentalities to perpetuate the status quo of a divided people serving a two-party system that are all one and the same the higher up you go.

  10. The dirty finger nails of power have always been visible its just that the media keep scraping them clean the grubby talons of tyrants are not afraid now to show their satanic claws.

  11. To paraphrase Senator Harris, I don't need to sit here and be lectured on U.S. politics by an American expatriate now living in Japan.
    Living under President Trump has been very disturbing and stressful for a lot of Americans, and we are going to do our best to prevent another four years of it, not through bullets but through ballots.

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