1. Check out Griggs farm llc. He'll make you feel better about you accident. He went thru the window of his combine going down the road. He hit a bump in the road. The head broke off, flipped over, basically becoming a ramp…… You guessed it. The combine went airborne.

  2. The duster you used for the windows has paraffin wax in it when you get it. You are supposed to wrap in newspaper to remove excess when you first get it. They are not good for your windows. Love the videos keep up the hard work

  3. Idea?? On that last grease point, where you crawl into the belly of the beast.. Not fun, so why not a a length of hose to to lower grease point and bring it up and tie it in to the body some how.. That way you donโ€™t have to do any crawling, just grease at hatch level..

  4. as a car detailier… i suggest u use sum rainx glass cleaner and a dry paper towels… the rainx makes water bead upp and sheet off the glass.. also adds a layer of protection and rejuvenates rubber blade on winshield wipers! best of luck to ya keep the vids commin!!

  5. Greetings from (a wet and windy)Edinburgh Scotland, have been following your videos only for a few months. This weekend is a total washout here rain for 24 hrs.so I took the opportunity to look back at your equipment walk-about parts 1 and 2… wow…… fantastic…….. so good to get to now the background and start to understand more of your work and family background.
    I was born and raised on a two thousand acre farm in the flat lands of Cambridgeshire England know as the Fens. My Granddad was Area Manager for the estate and my Farther Foreman oh what a fantastic childhood…. school got in the way weekends around the farm.
    my biggest life regret was/still is that I decided to go into construction …… but it turned out good.
    Now trying to locate your farm on google maps. Thank you showing us the day to day farm life and showing the considerable/massive investment farming today demands from you and your family … Thank you.

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