1. the report of more children at hospitals could also be due to legalization because there's no fear to see a doctor about excess dosing or accidental consumption like there was before legalization.

  2. +CoralReefer420 I've got some really good links in the "About" section of my channel to some studies proving cannabis does helps kill cancer cells and so much more!

    I am 40 year old Canadian and single full time father to a beautiful and well behaved little boy who is my pride and joy; he gives me a reason to smile each and every day. But laughing& smiling does not come so easy these days anymore as I recently starting suffering from anxiety & depression,, and gastrointestinal issues like IBS; and I have suffered from chronic pain since the mid 90's now. I found much relief though about a year ago once I started consuming medical cannabis; specifically strains rich in CBD (cannabidiol).

    I quit cannabis cold turkey twice between 2013 and 2015 for legal issues (custody of my son) and both time I quit for about 6-8 months,. Both times I did my body and mind fell apart and I'm still trying to recovery now 3 years later from starving my bodies receptors which in my opinion is a very bad idea so do not quit cold turkey.

    I have been consuming, about 2-3 grams a day for about 25 years now, and when I quit twice a couple of years ago for extended periods of time my blood pressure went through the roof, I gained 50 lbs within 2 months, starting having heart arrhythmia, extreme feelings of rage and anxiety, night chills and sweats, severe IBS, and really bad insomnia.

    These symptoms did not come on fast after quitting and got worse as the months went on. So after 8 month I started smoking again and everything started to settle down fast. I lost the 50lbs within less than 2 months when I started consuming cannabis again the blood pressure went back to normal within 2 days, and I started sleeping better. However now after 25 years of consumption and ever having issues with anxiety in my life I have anxiety now and IBS. I strongly believe my new health issues were triggered by an endocannabinoid deficiency during the time I was not consuming cannabis anymore.

    It was only when I stopped consuming cannabis did realized how important it is to us and now I'm on a quest to show others. If you want to come over to my channel I will show you a video that proves this theory. There was a drug the UK had out in the 90's called "rimonabant" and it was designed to help individuals loose weight by blocking our CB1 and CB2 receptors however by doing so patients suffered all the symptoms mentioned above and even committed suicide. The failure of rimonbant proved that cannbinobids are not only mood regulators but tumor regulators too!

    After 20 years of lower lumbar back pain due to herniated disk in the lumbar area and after going to over a dozen different chiropractors over the years I found relieve almost overnight just by smoking CBD rich cannabis! Since I discovered this I now take it in tincher form under my tongue and I make my own oil then and put in capsules. It's helping a lot with my anxiety and IBS too. I got off of the pills Omaprazole (losec) (PPI) after 23 years that was destroying my liver. I've been researching into the benefits of cannabinoids quite extensively over the past year now and have 25 years of experiences consuming cannabis as well.

    Even my dog is benefiting from cannabis! My 9 year old beautiful & well behaved rottweiler has had hip dysplasia since he was a year old. He has never been able to walk more than maybe a block or two and he would be pretty sore after. I just gave him his live back last year by giving him 5mg of cannabis oil twice daily. Now unfortunately though he has bone cancer (osteosarcoma). I had his toe amputated recently as I knew this was needed and he's doing amazing now. I was giving the oil directly on my dogs tumor at his toe for almost 6 months and it sucked that tumor right to the surface.

    Also I cut my leg really back this summer, about a 8 inch gash on the shin) and it got a possible staph infection. I was running a fever, and sweating like a pig at night, and didn't sleep for days. When I noticed the obviously infection on my wound instead of running to the ER for antibiotics I put home made cannabis oil 1:1 ratio on my leg and the infection was gone the next day.. the leg healed in about a week. took picture each day. Cannabis has benefited me and my dog, and many other individuals I know too in so many ways. Now I'm on a mission to share this information with others and to spread the word that cannabis does saves lives.

    If anyone is interested over to my channel and check out the featured called "Proof Cannabis/Marijuana Does Kill Cancer! " there will be a pop up at the beginning that will direct you right to the section about rimonabant if you want to skip forward. Now I'll share with you all a little bit more info about me 🙂

    Please help me spread the word by sharing my channel or some of the videos I have compiled on it. Better yet subscribe too and come share your story as well by starting a discussion. No copyright intended. All content used in adherence with fair dealing which is a user right contained in the Copyright Act. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Best wishes and good health in 2017 and the years to follow!

  3. I live in a country full of alcoholics and prescription pill poppers so i doubt cannabis will ever be legalised here, the alcohol and pharmaceutical industry would have a hissy fit

  4. Unfortunately, I am one of those who are forced to take some dangerous Narcotic Medication for pain I cannot escape. I live in a state that is very controversial on Marijuana even though they have tried to get our hopes up every session but then we find out how fucked up these assholes thinking is on the subject. There is just too damned much lies that these politician assholes believe that doesn't make sense to begin with. With the fear of being arrested, extorted, and mainly living in a county that is famed on their drug busts due to a high trafficking freeway that goes through the county. So I am doomed due to disability and inability to work due to the disabilities and no income at all because of it. Moving to Colorado is just a great big pipe dream of mine that I know may never happen. I wish it was easier to access Marijuana here and there wasn't the bullshit stigma attached to it. Marijuana is the only thing that relieved my Pain, Chronic Depression, Anxiety attacks, P.T.S.D. and left me able to get out and be happy. A huge contrast to laying in bed almost always because of the pain being so bad that I can't really walk or move. But I probably will end up being another statistic before legalization which is sad to think about being we have come far but not far enough.

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