1. When i went to the Denver Cannabis Cup I was robbed when I left by members of the North Side Mafia Gang. They stole $300 worth of Concentrate (15 grams) as well as $1600 worth of Dried Cannabis Herb (a pound and a half). They obviously had someone on the inside of the event scoping out potential victims. SO yea

  2. I'm going this year, flying in from STL with one of my boys. Can anyone tell me if I can smoke at the event? i dont have a med card. but im over 21 and have a DL as well as klonopin prescribed to me. Will i be able to get a Drs Rec and smoke the same day? only planning on staying from the 29th to the 1st of Feb. Thanks for any help

  3. I like watchin what you have to offer oh! by the way photos are great expression the one see in my attachment is from a car show an yes the cannibis cup is always great viewing
    on hightimes.

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