1. John Lennon was killed because a frustrated minor musician named Todd Rundgren engaged in verbal jihad against John Lennon, which incited a Todd Rundgren worshipper to go to New York, build a shrine to Todd Rundgren in his hotel room, put on a Todd Rundgren shirt, and assassinate Lennon.

  2. Fellow class of 76. I want you to be my lawyer and represent me. I am going to, as An American citizen, sue for libal and Gross lack of judgement and sedition acts of Not being journalist who have the full weight of doing their job and when they are intentionally hurting and in many cases, contributing to the Death of American citizens with the full knowledge of what they are doing . Propagating for a political party has gone to actually be a contributor to criminal treasonous sedition crimes against humanity!! 1 billion dollars for each corporate media group. All the money will go to building and truly helping the homeless and the senior citizens nationaly. Olympicjeff 👍🇺🇲🇺🇸🇺🇲

  3. I told a woman that I was old ,white, straight drive a car, not a victim and love America.i’m the enemy here in Seattle. She replied I never voted for Trump. I never mentioned the president’s name…….

  4. Regarding commercials about drugs for schizophrenia, just yesterday my husband and I saw one with 2 women saying the voices in their heads are gone now! WTH! This subject used to be so taboo! Is it more prevalent now? Must be if they are making commercials about it. DARPA has developed technology that can put voices in your head. They've told us so. Just a thought.

  5. I am a senior, living in low income housing, in a famous ski resort town in Colorado, and it is a very nice place, within a short distance to million plus dollar homes, and we have no crimes or drug problems, are multiracial, and you get evicted if you do not follow the rules.

  6. The President went on Hannity last night. Then he did Rush and Levin today. That is a big reach to his crowd in 24 hours. What he gets out of talking to the choir is he stokes the fire in us and builds excitement. Keeping the 10's of millions of us who will vote for him excited is an important part of his strategy. That is why you keep seeing him on Hannity (etc) all the time.

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