1. Can’t see what you buy until you buy it in New Brunswick which is bullshit tbh. They still are incredibly overpriced and people still turn to the black market bc of the costs here. A true shame.

  2. People here in Canada are going back to the grey or black market and they are thriving because the government weed is shit weed and way over priced . Popcorn nugs and overly dried weed that’s over priced , no thanks I’ll stick to where I always got mine.

  3. There's a more important issue and there's a blackout on covering it by Canadian News.I hate to say it but fatalities may be necessary if the caravan of 7000 illegal migrants from Guatemala reaches the American border. The military should try water cannons first, then tear gas, and finally bullets if all else fails. If they get through there's no holding back the rest of the entire population of Central and South America. Half a billion people. And if they don't receive billions $$$ worth of welfare, food, and housing then they'll just steal it to survive. Canada will be screwed as well. It already is. Thousands of hotel rooms in three major cities have already been booked for illegal border-crossers waiting their refugee hearings, after our illustrious leader invited them in just before Trump was elected . Trudeau is Toast.

  4. They sold out of everything inexpensive.. supply can't keep up with demand; Ontarians will be turning to the black market, as I have many friends who are currently doing that because the store only has expensive strains on it now.. :/ Rip off.

  5. travel agencies all over the world are being overrun by customers booking their next vacation(s) in canada. people want to honeymoon in canada. forget about colorado, everyone will be winter vacationing in whistler/banff. canada will be hosting the next 4 olympics at least. every international organization want to hold their summit there now. fuck new york. move the United Nations to Montreal.

  6. 20 Billion income for the government, so let's make sure Maxime Bernier is the one who holds the POT! Pun intended! PPC 2019. The Neo Cons are already attacking and pushing the return of the Prohibition! Lets send them a strong message Canada in 2019! PPC!!! MCGA

  7. You need a credit card to buy online in Ontario my Visa debit card i have used for purchasing all sorts of things online doesn't work. There were so many complaints that the Ontario cannabis store shut down their Twitter account early this morning.

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