1. I bet 200 bucks that neither the doctor nor the announcer has ever smoked pot. Motivation…shit,  I have solved all the problems the world has ever had while stoned.  Not my fault I cannot remember what those solutions were the next day.  You want to know why people are irritable when they are not stoned….its be cause they have to deal with stupid people like doctors who really don't do shit except spout crazy medical theories in latin.. 
    PTSD IS NEVER HELPED WITH pot.  There are studies,  this doctor has never participated in these studies though. 
    I want to talk to this man about alcohol and cigarettes.  Both are drugs, destroy more families, lives and faces and are LEGAL. 

  2. Some of this is true. But a lot of us do not use it as a recreational "drug". On a day to day basis, its a way of life. I can't imagine being without this form of a natural ingredient, in my life.

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