1. I am a combat vet that has tried about 8 different types of meds for PTSD meds made for it and meds are being tested for it I have gone from gaining a shit load of weight to not sleeping for a week and hallucinations haven't tried pot but everything I have seen with pot is that pot has little to no side affects and I would definitely try this if I could.

  2. It's a real shame that almost all of the PTSD research is going towards combat veterans, even though it's well established that trauma is both extremely common and far more devastating if it happens early in life. Sue Sisley et al have obviously worked very hard in difficult circumstances, but their research is being directed towards making it easier for the state to kill instead of toward alleviating the single greatest contributor to pathology in the world, that being childhood trauma. My research of late has been examining the causal role of childhood trauma in the minority of teen marijuana users who develop cognitive and affective pathologies at elevated levels. These problems (psychosis, diminishing IQ, depression, anxiety disorders) are currently blamed on marijuana even by groups which are pro-legalisation, such as the New York Times; however, they are more parsimoniously explained by adverse childhood experiences, for which there is strong data suggesting that they produce precisely those problems, while also greatly increasing the rate of marijuana use. As this is the contention at hand, studies into the efficacy of marijuana for alleviating trauma-related pathology are very important to my work, but apparently Americans care more about soldiers than they do about children, and we're left with studies which cannot be generalised to their early developmental counterparts — and even those are hamstrung from the beginning with inferior materials and bizarre conditions which seriously impugn upon ecological validity.

    I was also disappointed at the lack of discussion of basic science in this lecture — if the existing evidence was reviewed, I must have zoned out for that part. There's an enormous volume of material relevant to the question, and a great deal can be said and done even without clinical studies

  3. I will NEVER go back to those pills doctors forced on me. The years I was taking those drugs for PTSD were the worst years of my life.

    I WILL continue to use cannabis for for many many reasons including to help deal with PTSD!

    Thanks for the upload!

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