1. From what I've read, it's not toxic unless it's undergone decarboxylation. Can you confirm with evidence that cannabis is toxic to dogs if eaten in its natural form without decarboxylation?

  2. My old doggo seems a lot healthier and energetic on a low dose of cbd.
    I wouldn't give thc to a dog though, because they don't know what's going on. They'd just be confused and i bet really scared.

    Those iconic fan leaves aren't that dangerous if eaten, they mainly contain cbd and some thc-a, the inactive form of thc.
    THC only "activates" to its psychoactive form when warmed up, for example when cooked or introduced to a flame 😏
    It's a different thing if a dog eats a lot of high quality buds though, because the buds are where most of the psychoactive stuff is.

    But yeah, accidents happen.
    Just store your weed and edibles in a way your dog can't get to them 😛
    Just like you'd do with kids around (i hope).

  3. I used to smoke in my room and my dog would come in. I think he got high from the smoke. Ever since then whenever he smells weed he tries to get at it but I stopped letting him in when I smoke because I wasn't sure what effects it would have on him. Is it ok to let him in?

  4. They say it's bad for dogs then he says I DONT KNOW I HAVNT STUDIED IT. well I know for a fact from giving small pieces of pot to my friends dachshund hound over the years it has not much noticable affect other she lays down and sleeps. When I can't find my pipe it's usually in her bed. She loves weed

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