1. Thank You for all of Your time and research on this issue. I appreciate You and I Salute You!!!
    So,what happens next if the Senate shoots it down? Was it a scam from the Dems or a serious effort to get Federal Prohibition ended? I'm confused a bit. Also, would ending Prohibition allow Citizens to grow x numbers of plants??? Not to sound stupid. I knew there would be State Laws involved,but if States Legalize it,can an individual grow personal crops or are only the huge Cannabis Companies , able to grow???
    It should be passed cause it's unfair that Politicians and other Officials can Smuggle worse Drugs into the Country and make Billions while petty users and slingers go to Prisons. I believe, Personally,that all Drug Laws are totally BS,they do more harm than good!!! Allow various Governments to trade Our Constitutional Rights in for power to a corrupt Police State!
    I don't believe in abortion unless to save The Mother from dying during birth,known birth defect that would cause the child chronic problems or child is out of a rape situation, however…
    If a Woman's decision to have an abortion is Her right. In turn should not it be up to an individual what they choose or not choose to put into Thier body,be Thier right to choose?!
    I for example am no fan of alcohol,I want to relax, should I not be able to use Cannabis???
    If I am in pain,should I not have the right to choose between Narcotic pain meds and Cannabis??? Just saying… sorry about the rambling.

  2. I agree with your assumptions in this video. The MORE Act of 2019 will significantly propel the industry forward and eliminate several small hurdles & one large one in 280E. But, it stops short of solving the bulk of what will become the industries new set of problems. What's a much more robust and significant piece of legislation are the bi-cameral bills SB 420 & HB 1120 + HB 420. While the House version is split into two bills, the Senate bill is essentially a mirror of the two. This bill would establish a framework for Federal Taxation & Regulation that would add Cannabis to the text of Article 56 of The Internal Revenue Code right next to alcohol and tobacco. It would create a Federal permit for Cultivators, Processors, Wholesalers, & Importers and place it under the purview of TTB just like alcohol. It would regulate Interstate and Foreign commerce and set guidelines for labeling, advertising, trade practices, create a level playing field between industry members, and protect consumers.

    SB 420: https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/senate-bill/420/text
    HB 1120: https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/1120/text
    HB 420: https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/420/text

    I'd love to see these acts get more support from the industry, especially those West Coast producers as this is the legislation that will permit all that beautiful sun-grown California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado Cannabis access to major East Coast cities like New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cincinnati, and more. This action would level the playing field between VIMSO's and mature markets & significantly increase the value of those mature market producers.

  3. Love the….for the lack of better words…. "realness" and non sugarcoated feel of EVERY video… also dig the dab roast… got 2 subs from me man… keep it UP!!!!!👌👍✌

  4. One of the reasons it won't pass especially safe banking is the hidden agenda in them safe banking is terrible deep down but on the surface it is reasonable and good the hidden part of more is the communities most affected it should be the people affected no matter the color of their skin or gender

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