1. Biggest vote grab in the history of politics this was just a silly PR stunt for Trudeau to get him the votes he knows that a lot of young people are stupid and impressionable this is only created more problems for Canadians and more Canadians are suffering from the long-term effects of smoke inhalation

  2. not true just heard that most people are still buying from their dealers can't blame them the weed from these stores doesn't compare to what you can get else where pot stores a rip off

  3. The government in B.C. has done a horrible job of not opening any dispensary’s in major surburan cities but liquor stores are becoming more available at your local Safeway. Plus your charging way more than what people buy in the street. Not a great combination for getting people who use to buy from a legal store

  4. Yeah, but when I go to the gov’t stuff, it’s dry and crumbly, I don’t need to grind it, cause I can crush it into powder with my fingers. There’s no joy in inspecting the flowering buds which the plant grew, or appreciating the fresh scent

  5. They're trying to keep you HIGH while they SHUT DOWN your economy and take your rights. Behind the smiling FAKE FACE of political-loser liberals and democrats is sinister evil you couldn't even imagine in your wildest nightmares. They will take your MONEY, rights, freedoms, and put you out of your misery once it's too late to fight back.

  6. Street market will never die…and if you live in Canada and are not growing..your a fool. …4 plants can give you enough.crop 3 times a yr…and Google chs and cannabis..u may not want to smoke legal cannabis. I thought I had stomach cancer from legal state cannabis.

  7. It’s too bad the weed blows….Prices are too high for the quality…..Promote Black Market,Its so much better overall…………
    The legal Cheap Weed is still Twice the price of Black Mkt….Screw Government Schwag

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