1. im catching up on videos that ive been missing and this is helping pass the time while im in the hospital..i cant afford any of this sadly, but thanx sooo much for this video…..very informative and helpful!!!!!

  2. I love the Crappy's and the Premium Jane based on your recommendation and I have had such positive affects. My anxiety and depression has been so much better lately. 💚 You!

  3. Love this vid!💗Definitely will check some of this stuff out! I love CBD so much. I mainly smoke CBD, Plain Jane has really amazing CBD flower too!! So many different strains for energy, balance, and relaxation! I love the strains Rogue, Special Sauce, Bubba Kush, and soooo many more. Please check them out, I’m sure you’d love it!!!💗

  4. The Hemp Crate CBD box is GREAT!! plus it comes with a card that comes telling people that it is legal. and I need to refill my Crappys Fade fighter. That stuff helps me with my Fibro!!

  5. Chrissy!!! Omg I am IN LOVE with Crappy's!!! Not only is the products amazing but the company is amazing!!! Have you seen that Crappy's has a new thing out its "power down" a natural way to better 💤. Omg if anyone reads this comment please please try Crappy's I can say enough how good like amazingly great!!! I use fade fighter everyday….and I'm so glad that I found this!!! LOVE 💘

  6. I bought fade fighter and use it most work days. I like it, but don't have drastic results. I like Crappy's muscle marvel for minor pain. I can't stand the skin salve smell, so I don't use it. Crappy's customer service is wonderful and they are super nice. They have something to help with sleep coming out soon.

  7. Oh yes! I can say my absolute favorite is called therapy pain lotion by http://www.shophempmoon.com
    Its strong and amazing! Capsaicin and menthol in some lotions and its amazing. I've tried thousands of brands.. I love green acres but the prices are to high for me.. I was physically bed ridden.. legit bed ridden.. then I found CBD, tried thousands and wasted money but I found good products..
    That's the problem with cbd it can get so expensive and pricey but if you have ability to find real good CBD it will be amazing for you

    My children call skin stuff healing cream and we use it on everything!!

  8. Okay, so I definitely would appreciate some guidance because all of this is very new to me. Last year, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease as well as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Went through the six weeks of treatment (which was absolute hell on earth), and was then subsequently diagnosed with alpha-gal allergy (aka. red meat allergy). Since going through all of that, there are days that my body absolutely retaliates and I hurt like hell. It’s mostly my back and joints in my legs/feet. Which type of product would be the best to try in this situation? I mean, I want to stay away from prescription and over the counter drugs as much as possible, but I don’t think the rollerball CBD would cut it either.

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