1. Six years have passed and none of his unfounded fears have materialized in any of the 11 states that have legalized it. Now we have millions out of work and we need job creation. Yet, he will continue to ignore the hundreds of millions of dollars we could generate OVERNIGHT with legalization. O-H!


  2. He says in the video 'it starts with cigarettes' yeah and thats LEGAL

    Think, Ohioans elected this guy? Voted him in. THINK about that.

    Never ugh mind that ugh Ohio is 2nd in nation for heroin deaths and ugh high rate of alcoholic related car crashes.

    Mike DeWine, its like setting back in 1880's.

  3. He’s a douche canoe with absolutely no truthful knowledge on the subject. I take that back he knows everything he learned from REEFER MADNESS, a joke of propaganda that somehow people still think is truthful. We need to do everything to make sure this ass clown does not become our Governor in November

  4. SGT. Justin White is now the deputy police chief in Bowling Green, Ohio. On June, 23, 2011 my college roomates and I were raided. Justin White's fellow officers that day need a wake up.

  5. if the kids are your worry why would you not be pushing to make alcohol illegal. why do these guys never admit that alcohol is the first drug people try. most of these guys and law enforcement use alcohol themselves so what they are saying is hey kids we are against drugs just not the ones we use.alcohol kills more young people than all other drugs combined.

  6. Cannabis has been legal for thousands and thousands of years. This man is misinformed. The idea that cannabis users go on to use harder drugs is wrong and a lie. Sitting in a chair is more dangerous than cannabis. Cannabis prohibition is inherently racist if you read the history and stop throwing around old wives tales.

  7. When was the last time you heard of an accident where pot was cause of the wreck? As far as weed being a gateway drug…I have been smoking for ten years and I've never had any desire to try anything else.

  8. cannabis in my eyes is a medicine,if people want to use it .No one has the right to say you're not allowed to put that in you're body! probation makes this a fucked up world to live in!

  9. He passes over the fact there could possibly be reduced murders and killings, to illistarate the point it "sends the wrong message to kids." Newsflash.. kids are going to smoke marijuana regardless if they decide. A 12 year old could easily purchase OR have someone older purchase marijuana. Sheeeesh; this Dewine guy has got to be most bone-headed. I mean virtually everything on tv, included cartoons sends the wrong message to kids.

  10. You sir are a old boob, you will not get my vote come Election Day . I've used cannabis for 35 years.paid my taxes. Have never caused anyone any harm. You do not know what you are talking about.Brain washed old fool it's time for you to retire.

  11. Last time I was busted with the unconstitutional law of growing marijuana one of the investigators asked me why don't you just buy it off the streets lol I told him because I don't like putting pesticide and a mold in my body amongst other things. The drug cartels don't care what happens to us and from speaking to the narcs in my county they don't know very much on the subject, they are brainwashed from kids and academy that drugs are bad and marijuana is one of those bad drugs. I just wish every one would pull their head out of their ass and think for themselves. The fact that the law is illegal in the first place says it all but considering how the original law was passed and the lobbies behind it using fear and racism to scare the populace into acceptance is stupid and billion dollar campaign funds keep the big wigs in business denying something that would take the place of alcohol, pharmaceuticals and many other big dollar products that control whether or not we have a say in what takes place in our country all so somerich douche bags can keep getting rich.

  12. Yea, if you REALLY cared about people you'd take weed out of the same market as heroin. Where would people be exposed to harder drugs if they could go buy weed at a store? I wish I'd seen this sooner so I could have voted against your geriatric ass. They should show this to high school kids to get them to vote. Motivate them lmao. 
    Unless something really weird happens weed will be legal in all 50 states within a decade or 2. Get over it, nobody buys the reefer madness anymore. Alcohol is legal, cigarettes, even kids can have energy drinks.. Unless you can prove that it's more harmful than those then there's no reason why you should be able to tell ADULTS what to put into their bodies.

  13. Every statement he has made is false. If something is illegal.. Kids want to try it to see why its illegal… But once it becomes legal, they don't really care to try it any more.

    That is the same effect as when you tell your kid not to do something. They will go behind your back and do it with out you knowing to see why you told them not to do it.

  14. we need to get this man out weed will be safer that way u know what is in it an help are debt if it lega lthecop can work on getting the real bad shit off the street weed never killed no won that is bull shit if gangs r not fighting over weed its more like coke crak an heroin an meth

  15. Look at how defensive the stoners are of their precious drug. Marijuana is not this magical thing that ends wars and makes your dick bigger. It is a painkiller. Not a cure.

  16. DeWine, your comments are blatantly obvious that your 'knowledge' of the matter is pure subjective and speculative.  Your thin attempt to tie heroin to marijuana simply by mentioning it in the same frame was not lost on the fact that you are ill-advised, and lack empirical data. If fact, I can't say without doubt that you cited any factual information. There may have been one attempt though when you mentioned marijuana as being typically the first drug used, which you immediately followed with a comment to the effect of cigarettes first, and then marijuana… Cigarettes are a drug Mike, therefore in that case, nicotine is the first drug.

    Well, I have volumes to say, but this is not the forum to reach people with. We will accomplish that through the media. You are a backpedaling liar afraid to step out of ranks of your Party position. I will make it my mission to see that you are known as former Attorney General DeWine in November. You lost 7 votes since I listened to your comments that I wish I had heard in February. There is still time to uncover dirt though. Wait two more years my ass. Put your vita together little man.

  17. DeWine, you make good points, well, let me clarify, you make good points, assuming you ignore all the FACTS and research saying the exact opposite of your points.. Mr. DeWine, you can see what happens as an unemployed member of government, because me and many others will not vote for you.

  18. Mike DeWine your so full of shit ! Marijuana is NOT a gate way drug . Look at the cash them two states are bringing in after just a year….. Are you fucking stupid ? LEGALIZE IT 

  19. well kids must look at alcohol like that too.  there just waiting to turn 21 to get drunk and they do wait. but guess what. some of those kids don't even care about drinking so they don't.  When it finally is legal I think you will find less people doing it because the attention wont be so high.  And also it wont be that bad boy prostate to do things such as smoke pot

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