1. extremely helpful. I have a seed but not sure of the strain or flower type (auto or photo). gonna stick with May to germinate and use a 5 gallon grow bag so if I need to bring her inside over night. I get plenty of sun in my backyard. sweet and to the point video. thank you

  2. I have three plants and all are in the flower stage. They are in pots outside and I’m wondering about how long does the flowering stage last? I’m in the Pacific Northwest

  3. Im a new greenhorn grower. I'm trying to learn this cuz I'm so sick to death of buying horrible smoke for 50-60 a 1/4. Even the dispensary sucks. You have to pay $20 plus a pho-king gram to get something half decent. So with that being said, I have ice cream cake and cherry pie plants outside. They just started flowering 1 week ago. I don't want the buds to be wispy, so I've gone through and trimmed the plant enough to allow good sunlight. However I heard there is something that you can add to feeding to make the buds thick and solid. I heard someone talking about this stuff. it's 60 a bottle and its a pretty tiny bottle, but I guess it just takes 1 drop to the water/feed. Does anyone know what this stuff is.
    (Now a little back story) So my neighbor constantly brags about knowing how to grow the best stuff and yada yada yada, so we went in halves to get the grow started in his garage. Everything was looking amazing up until weeks on our 8 week smoke. He pho-king decided it would be a good idea to set up 2 – 100 gallon fish tanks in the grow room in the garage and put some river fish he caught in the tank. Within 3 days we had white powder all over the leaves. I was pissed!! I said I told you that was a horrible idea, wtf??? No no no its not from the fish tanks, its because it's been 90 degree for the past week. So we had to chop out stuff down a week and a half premature and it's not all that great. So I'm no longer growing anything with him after this and I want to get it right. I want my stuff to turn out incredible to show him up. Any advice anyone can give would be greatly appreciated for outdoor growing and what to do around week 5, 1 week after flowering.
    Im giving them the 3 fox farm nuits. I have Big bloom, tiger bloom, and grow big.
    Big Bloom 3 tsp
    Tiger Bloom 2 tsp > all mixed into 1 gallon of water every other feeding. PH is 5.9 – 6.3
    Grow Big 2 tsp

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  5. Love the videos man. Plus you bring some awesome content to the world. Great job my fellow Grow-mie. We need to support one another in OUR forever GROWING cannabis community. Much love and respect from Canada.

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  7. I live in nor California. Been over a 90 degrees for last 3 months.i have a cookies and cream x gg4 (grease monkey by exotix genetics) and banana og X animal cookies (bananimals by greenline ).they went into bud when barely potted because I had on a 18hr then put outdoor right when the daylight was just over 12hrs . Then the growth stunted and I thought it was so many different problem because it didn't bud till few weeks 🙄 they looking good now

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