1. Wassup Bro?
    This question is off topic.What trading company that will let me buy,trade & sale Curaleaf,Trulieve,Green Thumb Industries stocks??I've tried with Webull & RH,but couldn't anyone of the above companies up to buy stocks.What you suggest,Bro?

  2. Let's Fight For Our Right To Party!!!
    Here's a list of Cannabis Enemies:
    Richard Shelby REPUBLICAN, Alabama,Mitch Mcconnell REPUBLICAN, Kentucky,Ted Cruz REPUBLICAN of Texas,Tom Carpenter Democrat of Delaware,Susan Collins (R-ME,Marco Rubio (R-FL),James Lankford (R-OK),US Surgeon General,Jeremy Adams,Azar is the former president of the U.S. division of Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly and Company, one of the country's largest drug corporations,Jeff Sessions.
    Other Enemies of the Cannabis Community;Geneseo, N.Y. – Local law enforcement officials from across our area gathered in Livingston County Thursday to voice their opposition to the legalization of marijuana in New York State.  Tom Cotton. the Republican Party.The circle of people on Capitol Hill who will decide if cannabis legislation passes is actually pretty small. There are three names that are continually listed — by lobbyists, advocates, and lawmakers — as the gatekeepers to any federal cannabis legislation: Republican Senators Mike Crapo (ID), Lindsey Graham (SC), and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY).

  3. Why is cannabis classification a class 1 drug and who and when was classified it really doesn't make sense to me and do you think the alcohol companies have their hands in it (Republicans for cannabis)

  4. PA, like NY, doesn’t allow citizens ballot initiative. If they did, legal weed would’ve been passed in both states by now, especially NY. PA’s General Assembly is too backwards to legalize weed and NY’s Governor Cuomo is too corrupt. The progressive lawmakers of NY want a cannabis bill that will benefit POC and small businesses, but Cuomo wants a bill that ensures a cannabis monopoly that will only benefit big corporations like MedMen.

  5. It'll be a good.Financial influx in the short term. Duck covid. Next is long term. Several states have faltered at the long game. And that is inadequate with all the predisposed resources and also one of the major issues NJ murphy(this tard) hasn't go e forward with it also his cash flow would also falter;)

  6. Goooooooooo Governor Wolf!!!!!! Him and Fetterman are working hard for change……They should abolish the lazy fat State Legislators standing in the way…..An overwhelming majority of Pennsylvanians want this…..They have forgotten they speak for us

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