1. Would you suggest hanging them to dry branch by branch or hanging the hole tree? I got three plants ready for harvest in about a week. Each plant is about 7 feet. Your plants look minty by the way!

  2. Trim jail 😂 ain’t that the truth!!! Let’s get it man love the plants. !! Had to take my crop early this year due to my new spot not getting the early day sunrise and mould then formed when them buds got coke can size. Took four weeks earlier than I wanted !! Hopefully the indoor does better this season!!! Only 5 plants for me and it’s still a misdemeanor 😝

  3. I like watching Black Crowes shows on You Tube while trimming, they have 2 to 3 hour sets so it works out well, after one show I take a break and start all over again till I have had enough…I have always said trimming is torture but your jail analogy work also

  4. Thank you for commenting on NOT washing buds, until this year I never heard of washing buds, I did it once because I had two big branches get muddy years back it affected the taste IMO

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