1. Reefer Madness was a Fascist
    Propaganda Film which was
    Never True.
    Cannabis USED TO BE LEGAL
    and REQUIRED to GROW by
    KING GEORGE of his COLONISTS in America.
    WTF happened with Prohibition? Let's END Prohibition of Cannabis which
    has been a trusted blessing of
    humanity for 5,000 years.
    And NOBODY has ever in recorded history has ever DIED from Cannabis overdose

  2. i love this! it just shows how impolite us Americans tend to be, and how we have such a negative world view.

    Though there are people from other countries that can be just as rude as Americans. I specifically recall a German teacher that wanted to separate my cousins from their parents, because they were not being "responsible" care givers.

    no offence to Germans but that lady was a jerk!

  3. @hazecraze1 Remember the part of this speech where Rick Steves said that anti-intellectualism is promoted in the USA? Think about that for a moment, and then feel ashamed.

  4. @hazecraze1 – every commodity is taxed and regulated. its better to tax and regulate than keep marijuana illegal, keep our prisons full of non-violent drug users, and keep the police from pursuing serious crimes.

  5. @apeinacrate76
    wtf are you talking about? I looked at the sponsors, they where all sponsors you would expect, besides this insurance company or whatever. Nothing weird, so wtf are you talking about man?!

  6. Rick speaks so much wisdom! He's been there, done that. I feel like I learned a lot just from this video alone. How silly us Americans must look for criminalizing people who smoke a joint every now and then.

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