1. Jesus smh thank you, iv been trying to figure this dame thing out for a week wouldnt do nothing no instruments. And all I had to do is click the bottom 5 times smh. I tryed holding it down for a few secs and every other trick I could think up but hey I was supposed to click the freakin button 5 times real fast smfh. Thank you man I was legitimately about to throw it away because I thought it was just done smh.

  2. Been using for about a month and mine works but it doesn't hit and I know it's not the cartridge cuz it works on a other pen. It charges and I can change voltage and pre heat but when I try and hit it nothing happens. Can anyone help?

  3. Never ever buy those my brother got me and him one mine broke the first cart I almost finished the part that heats up the cart just popped out and my brothers melted in his pocket DO NOT BUY ONE

  4. My imini only lights up blue doesnt have any other color LED

    2 clicks flashes blue led 27 times
    3 clicks same
    4 clicks same
    5 clicks power on or off

  5. Power button will give u 3 different setting options, green, red, & blue. Right now im having an issue with it not drawing. If anyone can give me any pointers…I have cleaned it and the battery is good

  6. I bought my imini yesterday and it was hitting fine, then when I went to charge it first I hooked it to my laptop and left it for about three hours went to hit but nothing it wasn’t even Turning on, so then I left it hooked on my wall for 5 hours clicked it five times and once again nothing. So I left it changing for a solid nine hours through the night but still no hit. Should I return it or am I missing something here

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