1. I have a question, I've been starting to grow some autoflowers, 3 Hindu Kush strains.
    The 1st one is on day 11 and the 2d one is on day 10. There are still only 2 small cotyledones on both plants, the 1st one is 5cm and the 2d one is roughly 4,5cm. My questions is if there getting enough light? I've got them on the window sill by the balcony, they're not recieving direct sunlight since it's been cloudy all the time. I wish I could pin some pictures.
    Other then that the plants seem to look healthy.

  2. I personally like the longer videos. I enjoy watching the artful craftsmanship that goes into some of the amazing grows. And having some educational dialog to go along with is great! Keep it up man!

  3. Well if you really wanna know when you should even start looking at the crystals, it is when the plant all of a suddenly doesn't need the forever increasing water it once did! That is when the flowers have stopped swelling then check the crystals.

  4. Lookin good brother!! Mine are a little behind yours but, it works good that way so i know what to do next. Love the content. Looking foward to the dry and cure video!!

  5. Respect on the grow congrats πŸ‘ lil tip there’s been studies to show that 48 hours darkness does nothing at all. The evidence shows the best time to harvest the plant is 15 mins before lights on when the tricomes are at the ripest. Love from the U.K. the data is out there most from Holland. Have a good day πŸ˜€ ye dry trim all day all about the extended drying times πŸ‘
    Love the ice stress response also look into shaving the bottom inch a week before harvest πŸ‘ same type of response

  6. Very good light for sure would be nice in my 2Γ—4 tent or my 3 Γ—3 keep growing and much love brother and stay lifted those autos look awesome and you sure got it down pat for sure with your grows

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