1. If your cat is having a seizure, please watch them closely while timing the duration of the convulsions. Contact your veterinarian as soon as possible for further advice and, if the seizure continues for more than a few minutes, rush your cat to an emergency vet.

  2. Is it possible that my cat starts running into the walls?? she hits them and gets hurt… i'm putting packaging bubbles everywhere so that i can avoid her getting hurt and bleed (it happened). I already brought her to the vet many times. She's taking pills but she's still having seizures. How many days will it take to the pills to kick in? i'm sorry for my english, i would appreciate any advice

  3. My for the past four days my cat has had had seizures, he went to vet yesterday when did it for the third time and they treat him for the day and told me Wednesday he’ll get a blood test to hopefully find out what is wrong. He is five years old and has never done this before. It is scary but he is my child so I’ll do anything in my power to help him.

  4. My older cat was having sneezing type seizures that led to total emptying of his stomach through vomiting. Blood tests were fine. antibiotics didn't help.

    I tried turning off my wifi at night (2.4 ghz) and that seemed to do the trick. Some cats may have a high sensitivity to EMF (electro magnetic frequencies) from wifi modems or routers.

    Leaving the wifi on during the day doesn't seem to bother him. I guess all the stimulation during the day helps counter the effects of the wifi.

    I'm not an expert but this is an easy thing to try. Please let me know if this works for you..so far it seems to be working for me.

  5. Very Important that Nobody has mentioned if cat has s seizure if no one is home . or cat by them self's . This question why is there information not on video? IM SO DISAPPOINTED no one no one will stop and view taking our pets to vet to check blood work what vet recommends does anyone like to help me share to others that how expensive vets charge visit alone $50 up blood work min $100 up and this COVID-19 people work hours dropped worse lay off fire no work and pet needs vet help top with home bills . I'm extremely shame upset vet doctors charge unreasonable prices out of 100 people 40 can't afford visit alone

  6. Our Cerebellar Hypoplasia kitten has fits every hour for 3 days and nights. A vet refused to give him anti seizure meds. Kitten was getting worse and worse until I rang vet and said I’d report him, he gave us the medicine and he stopped fitting and was back to his normal self. Vet was trying to get us to pay 4K to get a scan which could take a week to have , rather than just try and stop the seizure and then investigate . Unfortunately with insurance chasers this is how vets are becoming .

  7. my cat just now has had repeated fits of reaching his paws diagonal out, clenching so hard, & shoving his face down to the floor as he vibrates slightly. it's only been a few seconds each time, but i am terrified of this, my family cannot afford a vet visit; is there anything i can do to help him or make him comfortable & safe ?

    he also has wobbled slightly as he walks after these fits . . . but he keeps laying down for long periods of time

    the micro-fits keep happening at random after he stares for a long period of time in 1 direction, it still isn't longer than even 15 seconds but it's happened over 12× now

    2 later hour update he is stuck in place seizing repeatedly, i think he's dying, i can't i don't know what to do

  8. I’m just a kid Ight my brother left a kinder egg on the floor like the bottom half and I took it off him. So then my kitten wouldn’t stop running around not in circles. What do I do?
    Edit: I have him calm on my lap licking me.im praying he no puke.
    Edit 2: he’s back to his old self biting scratching us all the time. And he will not stop meowing.

  9. *she passed away today, but please if your cat has a seizure more than 2 minutes and it happen back to back just go to vet immediately.

    Hi thankyou for this information, but please suggest me what should i do, bcs yesterday my cat had a seizure, my dad took her to vet n they said she had a liver. Today she had like 6/7 seizures duration 1-2minutes sometimes it happen every 20minutes also every 2-3 hours. Also my cat had a wound on her tail the vet said it was infection. they give us balm for tail n capsules for liver. Should i go to vet again or it just side effects? Bcs i read that liver can cause seizure too.

  10. my cat is very healthy and he is 16 years old yesterday he was asleep as usual and then suddenly woke up puffed up kept looking around and the jumped off the bed starting to spin and having seizure drooling at his mouth and peeing I was too scared I thought he had a heart attack so i held him and kept massaging his heart after 2 3 minutes he stopped but he couldn't even get up so i just kept massaging his chest for 5 minutes then he slowly started standing up still staggering went to drink water 10mins later he was back to normal . he never ever had any health problems and this is the first time that this happend. what should i do? im planning on taking him to vet tomorrow but im so scared of letting him sleep again so i keep waking him every 20mins

  11. *HELP* my kitty is having seizures and not only 1 seizure a day but 20 per day 😢 vet tells us to be patient and he will get better slowly.. he is 1 month old .. he fell from our table and hit his head 2 days after that he started his seizures, he also screams during his seizures .. he is in so much pain and my heart is breaking everytime he has a seizure.. its been 5 days now and he is better then the 1rst and 2nd day but still im so worried 😢 it looks like he lost his vision by 50% .. our vet gave us amoxil to give him every 12 hours bcs he is only 4 weeks old .. we went to another vet and he told us the same stuff .. i also called the animal hospital and they told me there is not much they can do because he is only 4 weeks old .. but he is in so much pain .. i know that there is something that im not doing right bcs i feel like im not helping the poor soul at all 😭 his seasures lasts about 20-30 seconds.. he has them every day and only tomorrow he had 13 seizures .. when he has a seizure it starts like this : he falls in one side starts shaking his legs , hissing, meowing out loud , spiting, and then he calms down and sees up or at the sides and starts walking in circles..

  12. Thank you for this info. My cat, now 3 months old is having "seizures" like almost 2x everyday. I already went to the vet but he wont consider this a seizure. Before it was mild seizure, muscle twitching, salivating, etc. Now it is diff. Is running uncontrollably to the point of wounding herself a part of a seizure?

  13. I was playing with my cat and she ran off and had a seizure for like 2 mins and now she’s really active and zooming around the house. Is this normal? I can’t take her to the vet right now because it’s 3 am and all the vets are closed

  14. Thank you SO MUCH!!! My cat had a seizure today that was triggered by clicking sounds and this helps so much. Seeing vet this weekend. Thank you!!

  15. Thankyou for explaining this so clearly. My 3y cat is has focal seizures and hyperesthesia. He's been on on Phenoleptil 18,75mg every 12 hours and 5mg Fluoxetin since beginning of 2020 but the constant state of depression and almost stupor is getting worse alongside the twitches etc, lack of menace response left eye and weak back legs (alongside phases of tail chasing and running like mad..) I'd be very interested to learn more as I seems to me that it is hard to find really informative videos, like this one, on these focal seizures and also hyperesthesia.

  16. Thank you for the information. My cat had a seizure while he was living at the shelter, I've always been concerned since I adopted him that it could happen again. This helps.

  17. thank you for covering this topic, i have never really heard about cats having epilepsy/seizures until about a year ago. very happy that people are being made aware so they'll know what to do if something happens!

  18. My partner IRL had a seizure in front of me when we first started dating. Now I have stupid paranoia about everyone and everything around me potentially having a seizure. Now sometimes when my cat is sleeping I worry if the cat is just sleeping and dreaming or having a seizure… Thanks for this.

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