1. cannabis is meant for everyone, each and all. i sure hope there are not people out there trying to round it up for themselves. it is a staple like beer and coffee.

  2. I wish I was Canadian! I would be very proud! I was just born in wrong country, in wrong place on Earth 🙁  .Living in Poland, Lublin makes me depressed watching You being so open-minded and aware of medical goods of this magnificent plant! In Poland we are surrounded by many "BLIND PEOPLE" unfortunately. Watching these speeches makes me want to be around You and feel freedom…

  3. = sound returns @ 30:04 + again at @ 33.03
    + SHARED ! ( come, lets end this deadly generation human rights atrocity once & for all, No More Wars )
    ~ keep it one amendment at a time, no impossible omni repeal bills, Cannabis is a safe herb where in other " proper " class one narcotics such as opiates are each their own interaction & dangers, as much as harm reduction is job number 1 in public safety going forward for all substances including Uranium and Tobacco; to blur the line is to loose a great deal of very mature & wise support on our safe effective nutracutilce
    – much of the Tobacco Act could be use as a ad hock intern for corporate governance concern as well as personal exemption precedent, weigh by the same measures of societal concerns such as health benefit or cost as well as the economic impact at large ( Negative income tax not with standing, as it would logically be applied to this essential natrual traditional safe nutracuticle based on the same standard as Tobacco cost & positive income tax , lol )

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