1. lol ya brings back memories of me n my sister sneakin in the back yard b/c we didnt have enough to share with everyone so we go out back n smoke it. I had my pitbull n her pups and we get them high as hell. They loved it as much as we did h aha

  2. Whenever we're getting high in the basement, my cat comes from upstairs to chill and sit in the smokey room. It plays, lays, meows at weird things, see's imaginary things on the walls and jumps at it, other things too. I never did force my cat to get high, it just always comes downstairs everytime I or we smoke up. Then later on, it stands around it's feeding bowl and meows like crazy, even though there's already food in it. Weed does so much weird/cool hard to explain things .

  3. I suppose the doctor prescribed to pipe for his disease too…..M y opinions aren't useless….it's people like you that are useless….Come on….cazly420…..original!

  4. Please keep in mind that their lungs are a lot smaller than yours and that this could lead to fat cats. Mine would eat everything left out for him….even young plants. Imagine finding a passed out cat in your tray of young plants with each one eaten down to a nub. He was happy I was not.

  5. Man that takes me back, sitting in the garage with my Collie dog (god bless her) getting high as fuck. We used to love getting baked, hanging out, watching tv, munching out. ……………

    People enjoy your pets while they are around, trust me, you'll miss them when they are gone.

  6. It's not abuse. I'd imagine the cat enjoyed it. There is no conclusive medical evidence that marijuana has any adverse health effects. It's like blowing air at the cat. Air that makes everything funnier.

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