1. I'm sorry buddy my name is Dewayne end I have been looking for them all over the internet end reading some feed back end some off them don't sound to good that's y I ask thank so for your help thanks Dewayne

  2. I'm gonna miss these vids man. Those girls are sure something to look at forget the swimsuit models I'd rather look at these girls any day of the week. Happy Croptober. Hope you got some helpers to help trim thats a nutty amount. Much love gromie

  3. Congrats on the plants Tony. They are amazing. Can’t wait to see them all prettied up and trimmed. Im watching as I type this and each plant is beautiful. Geez this is crazy. I would be so overwhelmed if I had that much. Just don’t drop any of the colas on your foot. They may break your foot with how big they are.

  4. It’s kind of like a free bud wash. Damn I bet tu casa is smelling real nice. I love the way that Shamon looks as it’s finishing. What are you using to cure on a large scale?

  5. Got to love that purp fade nothing more pretty than a beautifully faded autumn purp leaf/bud. Maybe a brand new buck knife haha.
    Love the drying room I was wondering how you were gonna pull that off. Great job! De humidifier working overtime gonna have to hire someone just to dump the reservoir – full time job in that stacked room! πŸ˜‚
    Damn man you really did a great job, love the patients in your voice and attitude. For me I’d be like fuckkkkk I want these downnnn already!!!! Haha
    Your a true Vet! Honestly my hats off to you man you really pulled those girls through this year like a boss! Good job!

  6. Bro I had a plant about that size I was taking care of at that persons place who was supposed to split it with me. I have it on tablet that she owes me half of those 2 plants I grew for. And that one in the middle you have there.

  7. Nice night time shots I like the night pics especially just before they are done .
    Also about the trellis and cages seems they still fall over with the extra support. I may try a cage or trellis next season but feel it isn't needed it they are tried up properly. However my cookie kush totally fell over Tuesday when it rained all night . A few ties later and it bounced back good as new. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

    They learn to carry their own weight most times lol.

  8. Awesome work, you have worked hard all season now you finally get to reap the rewards. A job well done even know there is plenty to do still .

    Don't forget to let us know some of the final weights from a couple of plants. . Some of them a probably pushing out a few pounds each. ✌️✌️Ps love the ending with the piece branch .

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