1. its my understanding that CV Sciences puts filler or carrier oils in thier CBD!!!! it was one of the first brands that I used & ive used 8 different CBD oils!!! WE now use "Natures Nutrients" CBD!!! It is cold pressed! No chemicals used in the extraction process!! NO FILLER OR CARRIER OILS!!!!!! And its unfiltered!!! Natures Nutrients is as pure as your going to find!!! AND… the kicker!! Its $60 for the standard 2oz bottle SHIPPING INCLUDED!!! Folks listen to our interview on Youtube!! "Is CBD being suppressed" Listen to how severley handicapped my adult children are and the MIRACULOUS results they attained!!! Ive done the homework folks!!!!

  2. The ~american white man has F'ed our great nation for yrs, ESP since the turn of the system…Why on earth do you keep putting them into office? You are either ignortant, stupid, or do not like or understand our constitution. Period

    Weed is gonna put big PHARM out in the cold! YEA! Look at our health care system… Opium given out by the white-boys and payed for by our health care system…. Americans, Are You Stupid?

  3. Cannabidiol often abbreviated as CBD is one of the prominent cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis plant. Highly known for its medicinal properties, this cannabinoid compound does not make you feel stoned. Derived from the Hemp Plant, CBD interacts with the regulatory system of the body to boost the processes and improve the bodily functions.

    It is recommended by many doctors and health care experts due to its intoxicating and therapeutic benefits. It is different from the THC cannabinoid as THC is responsible for causing a psychoactive effect on the user.

  4. Made an online purchase of Plus CBD recently. Was charged a 'state sales tax' (normal), a 'county sales tax' (we have none), and a 'Special Sales Tax' (What the heck is this?)…..

  5. Great video! Just curious what's the recommended dosage to take of cbd? Would 2000mg 20% be ok ? I suffer from vasculitis and chronic allergies and asthma would cbd help me in any way ?

  6. I’ve been using plus Cbd oil for 1 month for anxiety and it’s totally changed my life. It’s like the volume was turned down in my head. Thoughts stopped racing and I can concentrate and have more confidence. I don’t care how much it costs I’m buying it

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