1. Please remove this video. It is giving incorrect information. 5min in and I said F-this.
    Marijuana does not cause any type of cancer. The side effects are,
    1. Hungry
    2. Sleepy
    3. Happy

  2. Alcohol kills,Cigarettes kills, Sold legally, Marijuana killed 0 people, And it's illegal, How does that shit make any sense? Big Pharmaceuticals will lose money because they know medical marijuana will replace every sort of medicine they made from chemical compounds, with a shitload of side effects.

  3. news flash Pot have been legal and used as medicine for 10000 years. even the first law in the 1930's that made it "illegal". was it self illegal and unconstitutional! the first real law was in the 1970's and it was all based on lies.. so don't give me that BS it has always been illegal. smoking pot and shooting heroin is not really the same thing now is it.

  4. they must leglis it here its not right that we cant medicate anywhere it help with everything and they no it people dont die from puffing clean weed they die from drinking and crashing they cars and smoking tabaco and that the truth    

  5. WOW Professor Michael Herbst, the head of Health from the Cancer Association of South Africa – stated ( 11:17 ) that as long Dagga is illigal CANSA is not really even prepared to discuss the topic but in the very next sentence said it should be discussed.
    I thought that CANSA will be open to any new research that can help their patients and should be on the forefront to fight against this UNJUST law.

  6. the female  doctor said marijuana has far more dangerous effects long term

    nothing could further from the truth

    alcohol is much more dangerous than marijuana

  7. what a load of shit haha he says you cant control the CBP and you can control the THC this owk just talks kak hes hair dresser probably told him this shit haha and no weed is legal in those countries because u cant over dose on it you idiot how does and u stick to legislation just like your hair sticks to ur head u nerd 

  8. What bullshit is this? Alcohol and Cigarretes are way more harmfull than weed but they are legal and no-one considers to illegalize them. Alcohol and cigarrettes kill millions of people yearly. No one complains about it because the state makes tons of money from them. That ill informed doctor probably got her doctorate online.

  9. have someone that speaks for weed not two people that just bad mouth it im not a doctor but I know more about weed than the doctors on that show and that coming from some that didn't finish school

  10. Don't talk shit woman, "it can cause lung cancer and lung failure there is no cases of testicular cancer and all that Jazz"…..The government are prone to lie and lie and lie for fuck sakes Just Tell the truth.. You say weed decreases brain cells through studies done by apes inhaling weed through gas masks in to there systems, not knowing that its the gas that caused there brain cells to die and not the weed. there are nothing you can hide from us bitches we are not born under a rock! The only reason why its illegal is because anybody can grow it and its not chemically handled by men and scientist like cigarettes and alcohol where we have this big factories manufacturing all this bullshit killing people by the day where  there are 0 deaths by Weed>> do Me a favor go Fuck yourself  PS: Proud weed smoker!

  11. Typical case of 'intelligent idiots', U can study at the best of best universities in the world but no one can teach wisdom, such a pity that these were the people who got the opportunity to speak on that public platform. Complete misinformation & disinformation.

  12. Sorry this guy says it causes Testicular cancer? Show us? Oh, you don't have the proof? Then you are obviously promoting the propaganda. Was the movie Refer Madness correct as well doctor?

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