1. 4:15 stream start

    4:54 Adulting

    9:14 Charity deets for National Alliance on Mental Illness! nami.org

    13:53 The Hunger Within

    18:16 Top Donors from last week!

    19:00 This weeks 'bier'!

    22:00 Tuesday

    25:30 Beer (for Josh's dad's cheap beer! enjoyfrio.com for more details) (and Alex's drum throne gets HAMMERED! 26:50)

    33:00 Passive Vengeance

    39:10 UHHnnng

    40:58 Do You Want A Taco?!

    49:17 Dogs Like Socks

    52:52 Why Oh Why?

    1:01:15 PLUH

    1:08:39 NSFW

    1:10:40 GOAL HIT! ShanePlaysGames!

    1:17:39 SmllyMnky and ShikyOT with matched $666 donations!

    1:21:20 Because Boobs (H-Flat Tiddies version)

    1:26:35 Scrotal Torment (Hb AND Wookie AND Woodblock AND $1K SUPERDONATION FROM YAYCOBLEE?!?! version)

    1:35:55 This Is Not A Song, It's A Sandwich (Hb Fast Panini Version)

    1:41:49 H(b)appy Birthday Blasts

    1:44:11 Blue Screen

    1:49:00 The 'Band Gotta Go Pee!' Groove

    1:57:29 The H-Flat Fucking Pokey

    2:02:38 Awesome (first time in Hb!)

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